Geidar’s Journal

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Author (out of game):
Author (in-game): Geidar the Torch

Don’t traffic in moon sugar much, but got a deal that’s too good to pass up. Legit, too. Dren’s paying direct. Want it for their slaves, I guess.

Bought a set of rings that supposedly get us into a flooded ruin. Great location, just a short swim from Gnaar Mok. Will try them out tomorrow.

Rings work perfectly. Got in. A dozen scamps in here. They keep coming back, no matter how many we kill. Need to think about this.

Made a deal with the big D. Going to have to un-flood the ruin and hire someone to make a new statue. No idea how, but what matters is the scamps leave us alone, even help us move crates if we kick ’em a couple times. And this is the perfect location. Ships can dock just off the island, dump the stuff overboard, we grab ’em, put the rings on, and we’re in. Same way out. The swim up and down the stairs is rough, but worth it. Then it’s just a short swim and walk to the tunnel and we’re in Caldera.

This is too perfect. Four trips and we’re richer than we’ve been in our whole lives. No one’s patient, though. This could be big. But people are getting lazy. The damned Bosmer keeps asking for a vacation in Suran. Might have to kill him. He can’t help bragging when he’s with a woman, gives too much away.

Tunnel’s gone. Don’t know what happened. Not flooded, caved in, or anything. It’s like the entrance was never there. Made the long trip around for the delivery. Everything went smooth, but I checked the Caldera side of the tunnel and it’s gone, too. Just gone.

Not sleeping well. These ruins echo all over. Can hear everything. If it’s not the snoring of the damn Bosmer, it’s that other pair grunting like kagouti in heat. And I keep waking up in a sweat.

Keep having dreams where these ruins thrust up out of the water and a huge tidal wave washes over Gnaar Mok, sweeping all the little wooden huts away. Or a hundred dremora swim out of the lake here and run through the old smuggling tunnel into Caldera, slaughtering everyone. And every time I feel elated, like a bonfire growing and growing, taking up all the air. I wake gasping for breath. Don’t understand why I like seeing the village or Caldera destroyed. That’s bad for business.

Worse news, the old tunnel in the Band Egg Mine is collapsed, too. Going to have to keep taking the stuff overland. We’ve got an understanding with Falion and Murag. They’re supposed to watch for patrols and light a fire, but I still don’t like it. The pass and road into Caldera or the mine is patrolled. Not most of the time, but often enough it’s a big risk.

Bosmer’s dead. Maybe I did it. I don’t know. There’s blood on my sword. I should wash it off, but I like the way it looks, smells. Should switch to chitin. Chitin doesn’t rust. No, I’m rich! Should get a dwarf sword. Blood on dwarf-steel glows like coal. Even fire respects a dwarf-sword.

Found a sculptor. Wonderful fellow. Works in brass instead of stone. Loves the flames. It’s going to be glorious. Uvelyn complained about spending half our gold on a statue, but I just stared and he shut up. Like it should be. He and that bitch of his don’t get it. This is bigger than us. Just need to bring the ruins back to the surface somehow. Sleeping fine now. Like a baby. Every night it’s fun, fun, fun. Can’t wait to make the dreams real. It’s going to be glorious.

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