Gadnor’s Last Wishes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Book added by Saints and Seducers From the Creation Club

Gadnor, my trusted friend and companion, has been laid to rest. I have built a shrine to watch over him and bring peace to weary travelers.

Of the few riches Gadnor possessed in life, his most prized was a warhammer made of jagged crystal he famously won in a coin toss. After months of research, he came to believe this hammer was some sort of otherworldly treasure. Shortly before his passing, it was his wish that it be hidden away until “one who has walked the Shivering Isles” emerges to retrieve it. I have followed his instructions to the letter, and a powerful illusion spell now obscures it.

To break the spell, one must first acquire pieces of what supposedly make up the weapon itself, “amber” and “madness ore.” Such things, if they actually exist, would be great treasures in their own right. If the enchantment is correct, only by placing the ores into the embers near Gadnor’s body will the spell be broken.

If Gadnor is not mad, perhaps one day this peerless weapon will find its way into worthy hands once again.

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