From Exile to Exodus, Pt. 1

Author: Tarvyn Aram

At the pass, the Velothi came upon the followers of Trinimac, who outnumbered them three to one.

Though Trinimac said nothing, the loudest of his followers called the dissidents rebels, traitors, and filth to be scraped from the feet of the faithful.

And Boethiah proclaimed, "Hearken unto me, Ornim! For yes, I know you as Ornim even if your chief does not." And this caused the followers of Trinimac to quieten, for the Orsimer in that time had been so convinced they were Elves that they had forgotten their days of stone and wood, sea and fire.

"This demon seeks to ensnare you," Boethiah continued. "With curses he has shrouded your senses, making it so that when you look upon him you see only me. But I stand before you now. I who brought the Orichalc. I who showed you the way to hold your blades. I who taught you the benefits of war, whether lost or won. I who showed you the angles one must cut to reach beyond."

Boethiah then formed a sign with her hands in the shape of a triangle that could only be true. And she strode forward in a manner that revealed the way to walk to achieve an Exodus.

And all in attendance felt the curse lifted from their eyes. Where once they saw Trinimac, Greatest of All Warriors, they instead saw Malak, King of Curses.

And where they had seen Boethiah, Daughter of Blades, they saw now Trinimac, as she had always been, the Warrior of East and West, and of the Starry Heart. She who bore the burden of rending divinity from the one she loved.

Frothing with rage, Malak shouted a curse yet unknown and came unto Boethiah's throat, entering her very being. And her followers despaired, for Boethiah fell to her knees retching blood and ichor. And Trinimac collapsed, seeming to all who beheld this to be dead.

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