Fourth Era Timeline

4E 1The Fourth Era starts with no Emperor on the throne of Tamriel. The Elder Council is unable to choose a successor, and Ocato reluctantly becomes Potentate. The outlying provinces take advantage of the Empire’s weakness.
Source: Rising Threat vol. 3 Refugee Redoran settlers, led by Brara Morvayn, settle in Raven Rock.
Source: History of Raven Rock, Vol. 1
After 4E 1In Elsweyr, the Mane is assassinated and war breaks out. Although the Imperial force still exists in the northern Elsweyr, they cannot keep the order. The Khajiit realm is in chaos. Due to the rule of a Potentate, Rimmen is relatively stable. During Oblivion Crisis, the Hist called all the Argonian to march back to Black Marsh to defend the realm from the Daedra. After the Oblivion Crisis, as the Imperial is weakening, Black Marsh rebels and currently led by the An-Xileel and the Organism. Mages Guild dissolves, in its role now there are two Imperial magic guilds: College of Whispers and Synod.
Source: The Infernal City.
4E 2Sinderion gives a speech concerning the Nirnroot at the Alchemical Symposium.
Source: The Nirnroot Missive
4E 5The Red Year. After the disappearance of Vivec, the power that holds the Ministry of Truth in place starts to diminish. A pair of Dunmer mages, Vuhon and Sul, among others, build the ingenium, a machine to hold the Ministry of Truth in place. During a fight between Sul and Vuhon over the soul of Sul’s lover, the Ingenium explodes, catapulting them both into Oblivion. The Ministry of Truth crashes into Vivec City, creating a huge crater that immediately fills with water from the Inner Sea. The crater becomes known as the Scathing Bay. The impact of the Ministry of Truth also causes the eruption of the Red Mountain. In Morrowind, Vivec City is completely leveled by the fall of the Ministry of Truth. Tear, and the province’s south, is hit by floods and land slides. Vvardenfell is devastated. Areas nearer to Red Mountain, including the town of Gnisis, were destroyed by a wall of flame. In Solstheim, a shockwave levels Fort Frostmoth, though much of Raven Rock’s population manages to survive within the mine. Solstheim is eventually ceded by Skyrim and becomes a colony for the refugees of Morrowind. House Redoran takes charge of the relief efforts, and gains power among the Great Houses. This chain of events kills thousands and remembered as the Red Year. Source: The Infernal City, Lord of Souls, History of Raven Rock Vol. 1, The Red Year
4E 5-4E 6Shortly after the cataclysmic eruption of Red Mountain, the crippled Morrowind is invaded by an army of Argonians urged on by the Hist. By the middle of 4E 6, the invasion has reached the Telvanni lands in the north of Vvardenfell. Once they hold the province, they make no effort to colonize or rule. Source: Lymdrenn Tenvanni’s Journal; The Infernal City, Lord of Souls
4E 10Potentate Ocato is assassinated, beginning the Stormcrown Interregnum. The Elder Council fractures. Many people try to claim the Imperial throne, either by force of arms or by some blood claim. These include Eddar Olin and Thules the Gibbering. Violent storms ravage the Imperial City, each one with its eye at the White-Gold Tower. The Thalmor use this discord as an opportunity to overthrow the rulers of Summurset and install themselves in their place. They purge any dissidents and anyone “not of the blood of the Altmer.”
Source: Rising Threat vol. 4, The Infernal City Miners break through a wall in the Raven Rock mine, discovering Bloodskal Barrow. Gratian Caerellius, a East Empire Company agent, is sent to investigate.
Source: Gratian’s Journal
4E 16Solstheim is granted to the Dunmer by the High King of Skyrim.
Source: History of Raven Rock Vol. 2, Lord of Souls
4E 17Titus Mede, a Colovian warlord, takes control of the Imperial City and the Empire. Skyrim endorses his ascension.
Source: Rising Threat vol. 4, The Infernal City
4E 18The son of Titus Mede, Attrebus Mede, is born.
4E 20Refugee’s Rest is declared a monument to the struggle of the Dunmer who fled Morrowind after the Red Year.
Source: Decree of Monument
4E 22The Thalmor takes full control of Summurset Isle, breaking away from the Empire. The nation is renamed Alinor.
Source: The Great War
4E 23Annaïg Hoïnart is born.
4E 29The government of Valenwood is overthrown by the Thalmor, who take control of the province. The Aldmeri Dominion of old is “reborn.” Shortly after, all contact with the outside world is severed.
Source: The Great War
Circa 4E 38The Dunmer mage Sul managed to escape from Oblivion by jumping from one daedric realm to another. He eventually arrived in Tamriel after thirty-eight years.
Circa 4E 43The floating city known as Umbriel arrives in Tamriel. First it destroys Lilmoth in Black Marsh by drawing the souls of the inhabitants, and then it continues north. The slain inhabitants of Lilmoth arise as undead and follows Umbriel north toward Morrowind. A Breton girl Annaïg Hoïnart, an Argonian Mere-Glim, along with Prince Attrebus and the Dunmer mage Sul are stranded on the top of Umbriel.
Source: The Infernal City.
4E 57The alchemist Sinderion receives a sample of a red nirnroot from an adventurer who claims to have found it in the Blackreach of Skyrim.
Source: Sinderion’s Field Journal
4E 58Sinderion arrives in Skyrim and begins his research on the crimson nirnroots.
Source: Sinderion’s Field Journal
4E 65Brara Morvayn, Redoran Councilor and ruler of Solstheim, dies. Her son, Lleril Morvayn, takes over her duties.
Source: History of Raven Rock Vol. 2
4E 95House Hlaalu unsuccessfully attempts to assassinate Lleril Morvayn, blaming House Redoran for their expulsion from the Council of Great Houses. A coup against the Redoran rule of Raven Rock is discovered and foiled.
Source: History of Raven Rock, Vol. 3
4E 98The moons vanish from the night sky, bringing about the Void Nights. Although all lands view this with “trepidation and fear,” the Khajiit have it the worst due to their reliance on the moon’s cycles.
Source: The Great War Hosgunn Crossed-Daggers becomes Jarl of Riften following the assassination of his predecessor. He imposes strict taxes and curfews, driving the city into poverty.
Source: Of Crossed Daggers.
4E 99The Aldmeri Dominion resumes contact with the Empire.
Source: The Great War
4E 100The return of the moons. The Thalmor claim that they used “previously unknown Dawn Magics” to bring them back, though the it is unclear whether they did so or merely knew that the moons would return and capitalized on the situation. Elsweyr heralds the Thalmor as their saviors, and Thalmor power within the province grows while Imperial power diminishes.
Source: The Great War
4E 115The Elsweyr Confederacy is dissolved and the states of Anequina and Pelletine are reestablished as client states to the Aldmeri Dominion.
Source: The Great War
Circa 4E 121The Great Collapse. A big part of Winterhold city is collapsed into the sea due to unusual weather that wracks the city for almost a year. Some of the survivors blame the College of Winterhold for the disaster. It ruins the reputation of the College even more, especially after the Oblivion Crisis, which people is still blaming the mages for dealing and conjuring the Daedra.
4E 129The people of Riften rise up against Hosgunn Crossed-Daggers, their corrupt Jarl. They burn his palace with him still inside. The fire spreads to the rest of the city, and much of it is destroyed.
Source: Of Crossed Daggers
4E 130Lleril Morvayn uses his personal funds to repair the Bulwark, Raven Rock’s great wall.
Source: History of Raven Rock, Vol. 3
Circa 4E 134Riften is rebuilt into its current state.
Source: Of Crossed Daggers
4E 150Small force of Argonian raiders land on Solstheim and are repelled by the Redoran guard.
Source: History of Raven Rock, Vol. 3
4E 168Titus Mede II ascends to the throne. The Empire is greatly reduced, holding only High Rock, Cyrodiil, Skyrim, Hammerfell, and, nominally, Morrowind. Hammerfell is plagued by fighting between Crown and Forbear, and Morrowind had never recovered from the eruption of Red Mountain.
Source: The Great War
4E 170Raven Rock’s ebony mine begins to deplete. Councilor Morvayn uses his own money to keep the village fed.
Source: History of Raven Rock, Vol. 3
4E 171The Great War begins. 30th Frostfall: Aldmeri ambassador arrives in the Imperial City with a an ultimatum and a cart full of the heads of murdered Blades agents. He demands that the Empire pay tribute to the Dominion, disband the Blades, outlaw the worship of Talos, and cede a large part of Hammerfell to the Dominion. Titus II refuses on all terms. Within days, both Hammerfell and Cyrodiil are attacked by the Dominion. General Naarifin invades Cyrodiil from Elsweyr and eliminating Imperial defenses along the Valenwood border. Leyawiin falls soon after; Bravil is cut off and besieged. Simultaneously, an army led by Lady Arannelya enters western Cyrodiil from Valenwood and continues on to Hammerfell. Due to the civil war, Reguard forces offer limited resistance and the southern coastline is soon in Dominion hands. The outnumbered Imperial legions are forced to cross the Alik’r Desert in what later becomes known as the March of Thirst.
Source: The Great War
4E 172After their easy success the previous year, the Thalmor make the capture of Cyrodiil their primary objective. They advance further into the province, capturing Bravil and Anvil. By the end of the year, Lord Naarifin’s army is at the walls of the Imperial city. There are naval engagements in Lake Rumare and along the Niben as Imperial forces attempt to hold the eastern bank. The Thalmor consolidate their holdings on the southern coastline of Hammerfell. Only Hegathe is still independent. The survivors of the March of Thirst regroup and join with High Rock forces in the north of Hammerfell.
Source: The Great War
4E 173Reinforcements from Skyrim arrive in Cyrodiil, but the Aldmeri advance continues. By the end of the year the Imperial City is surrounded on all three sides, leaving only the northern route to Bruma open. Early in the year, the Forbear armies of Sentinel break the siege of the Crown city of Hegathe, reconciling the two factions. Lady Arannelya’s armies cross the Alik’r and clash indecisively with Imperial legions under General Decianus at Skaven. Decianus is forced to retreat and the Dominion’s forces take Skaven, though they are too weakened to advance further.
Source: The Great War
4E 174The Aldmeri Dominion commits all available forces to the conquest of Cyrodiil. Reinforcements arrive in southern Cyrodiil during the spring. 12th Second Seed: the Aldmeri armies launch an assault on the Imperial City. Lord Naarifin’s armies attack from the south, east, and west while another army draws up to surround the city from the north. Titus II decides to fight his way out through the north, leaving the Eighth Legion on rearguard. The Eighth is destroyed, but Titus II’s armies manage to fight through the Aldmeri besiegers and join forces with reinforcements from Skyrim, led by General Jonna. Meanwhile, the capital falls and is sacked by the invading forces. The Imperial Palace is burned and the White-Gold Tower looted. The Dominion believes the fight is all but over, and makes several attempts to negotiate with Titus II. He pretends that he is preparing to surrender while gathering forces to retake the city. In Hammerfell, General Decianus prepares to retake Skaven but is called back to Cyrodiil. He leaves behind his most veteran soldiers disguised as discharged invalids. These soldiers make up the core of the army that drives Lady Arannelya’s forces out of Skaven back into the Alik’r in late 174.
Source: The Great War The Reachmen take advantage of the weakened state of the Empire to break away and establish the Reach as a kingdom independent from Skyrim. Their king is Madanach.
Source: Bear of Markarth
4E 17530th Rain’s Hand: The Battle of the Red Ring. General Decianus’ army, previously hidden in the Colovian Highlands, attacks the Imperial City from the west. General Jonna’s armies comes south from Cheydinhal along the Red Ring Road, crossing the Niben and attempting to join with Decianus’ forces. Jonna’s armies face bitter resistance from Aldmeri counterattacks from Bravil and Skingrad. Decianus is able to take Lord Naarifin’s forces by surprise. The main army, commanded by Titus II, attacks from the north. 5th Second Seed: The Altmeri army besieging the city is completely surrounded. The Aldmeri attempting to flee the city break themselves against the southern legions of General Jonna. Titus personally captures Lord Naarifin, and hangs him from the White-Gold tower. He dies (or, according to one account, is taken away by Daedra) after 33 days. The Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion sign the White-Gold Concordat, ending the Great War. The terms of the treaty are almost identical to those in the original Dominion ultimatum (including the granting of Hammerfell lands to the Dominion and the outlawing of Talos), but the war-weary Empire is willing to come to peace by any means necessary. Hammerfell, however, does not want to accept the treaty, and Titus II is forced to remove them from the Empire. The Redguards continue to fight the Dominion.
Source: The Great War
4E 176Ulfric Stormcloak retakes control of the Reach, imprisoning Madanach, “King in Rags,” and killing most other officials. Madanach leads the Forsworn in a twenty-year underground rebellion against the Nords.
Source: Bear of Markarth The problem within the Thieves Guild of Skyrim starts. The Guildmaster is assassinated, followed by misfortune that hitting the guild hard. Some believe that the misfortune occurred because of the curse from the Daedric Prince Nocturnal. Mercer Frey becomes the new Guildmaster.
4E 180The Second Treaty of Stros M’kai is signed after Redguard and Dominion forces come to a stalemate. Aldmeri armies retreat from Hammerfell.
Source: The Great War
4E 181Raven Rock’s ebony mine is completely depleted. The economy switches to fishing and hunting.
Source: History of Raven Rock, Vol. 3
4E 182Cartographer Nathalia Dravarol creates the latest map of Skyrim.
4E 186Cicero, a Dark Brotherhood assassin, arrives in the Cheydinhal sanctuary after the Bruma sanctuary is destroyed.
Source: Cicero’s Journal, part 1
4E 187Cicero assassin kills a baroness and the Arena grand champion. The Dark Brotherhood has lost most of its sanctuaries and influence throughout Tamriel.
Source: Cicero’s Journal, part 1
4E 1887th Sun’s Hight: The city of Wayrest falls to corsairs. The Dark Brotherhood sanctuary there is raided and eliminated, leaving only the Cheydinhal, Skyrim, and Corinthe sanctuaries in tact. The Brotherhood’s leaders make the decision to close the Corinthe sanctuary and move its members to Cheydinhal. Late Harthfire, early Sun’s Dusk: Bravil’s two largest skooma traffickers vie for control, the city descends into violence. The statue of the Lucky Old Lady is destroyed, and the crypt is raided. An assassin name Garnag manages to rescue the Night Mother’s coffin.
Source: Cicero’s Journal, part 2
4E 189Cicero is chosen as the Keeper of the Night Mother’s remains. The Night Mother chooses no Listener. Hearthfire: Cheydinhall descends into violence and chaos. Members of the Dark Brotherhood are slowly killed off, either by circumstances or from inside by the Keeper.
Source: Cicero’s Journal, part 3
4E 190Cicero becomes insane, murdering two of the three remaining assassins. The third is killed by a bandit in the street.
Source: Cicero’s Journal, part 4
4E 195Septimus Signus publishes Ruminations on the Elder Scroll
4E 200Cicero arrives in Skyrim and gains entrance to the Dawnstar Sanctuary.
Source: Cicero’s Journal, part 5
4E 201The Stormcloak rebellion in Skyrim starts. The High King Torygg is killed by Ulfric Stormcloak, the Jarl of Windhelm. Ulfric is disappointed by the result of the Great War and mostly by the White Gold Concordat. His first action is taking over the leadership of Skyrim and secede the province from the Empire. The Empire led by General Tullius tries to quell the Stormcloak rebellion. Shortly  the Jarls of Skyrim chose side and Skyrim is split. The Dragonborn emerges. Alduin was defeated back in Merethic Era by the Nordic heroes, but they were unable to kill Alduin. Just by using the Elder Scrolls the Nordic heroes managed to delay the devastation upon them. Then Alduin arrives, resurrects the remains of Dragons and starts his vengeance upon the Nords. A former prisoner of the Imperial unwittingly absorbs the soul of a slain Dragon and use the Thu’um. The Graybeards summon him and train him to properly using the Thu’um. The remnants of the Blades help him and direct him to defeat Alduin. In Sovngarde, the Dragonborn eventually slays Alduin. The Emperor Titus Mede II is assassinated by the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim. The Dark Brotherhood recovers from devastated situation following the destruction of its sanctuaries throughout Tamriel. A new Listener is chosen by the Night Mother herself but this causes conflict within the guild. The Listener eventually becomes the leader of the guild. In the wake of the new order, the Dark Brotherhood manages to assassinate the Emperor Titus Mede II. It is also believed that a member of the Elder Council arranged the assassination. The rise of the Thieves Guild in Riften. After some bloody infighting, the new leader of the Thieves Guild led the guild into a prominent position in Riften. The misfortune that hitting the guild for decades is no more and slowly the guild influences spread throughout Skyrim. The Skeleton Key is once more returned into the Twilight Sepulcher, the mysterious shrine of Nocturnal. The Skeleton Key itself changes hands in countless time and the facts about this artifact are unclear as the nature of Nocturnal herself. The College of Winterhold uncovers the Eye of Magnus deep inside Saarthal. however, the powerful artifact causes ripple of destruction and chaos in the area. The Psijics Order interferes and eventually the Eye of Magnus is taken into Artaeum for the safety of all. Jorrvaskr, the mead hall of the Companions, the guild of fighters of Skyrim, is attacked by the Silver Hand. The Companions retaliate and the Silver Hand is wiped out. The event eventually led to the discovery and re-forging of Wuuthrad, the legendary axe of Ysgramor.
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