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Do Argonians lay eggs? (11/06/03)

Argonians are ovoviviparous. [Wow. I was SURE I’d never have to use that word again.] They don’t lay eggs like reptiles.
Note that Lady Argonians have big bumps on their chests.

Does Bethesda consider Infernal City and Lord of Souls to be “canon”? (01/03/11)

Yes, we consider the Elder Scrolls novels canon to TES lore.


Does Bethesda consider Obscure Texts and developer comments as “actual lore” or “canon”? (11/24/11)

It depends.

Which is the canon ending to the Civil War in Skyrim? (02/09/18)

As with other Elder Scrolls games(like the multiple endings to Daggerfall) the studio doesn’t really force one outcome as canon. That’d sort of diminish each player’s choice.


Is the Elder Scrolls 6 teaser a reference to Shadowkey? (08/27/18)

I think it’s awesome to think you think the teaser for TES6 would be a reference to a mobile phone game none of us really remember existed in the first place.

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