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The existence and nature of Emperor Ami-el (12/23/13)

Talked to folks at the office. This is how we have the events listed in our timeline:

1E 358 – Emperor Ami-El of Cyrodiil lends his forces to Skyrim in a military campaign against the Direnni Hegemony in the Western Reach. Anti-Aldmer sentiments rise as Skyrim loses more and more of Greater Bretony to the Direnni.

When did Serana get put to sleep? (09/05/2013)

The intention was that Serana went to sleep in the late second era, between the Reman and Septim empires. Her initial dialogue is just her surprise that there’s an Empire in Cyrodiil, as there hadn’t been when she went to sleep.

When did the Aetherium Wars take place (02/24/2014)

The Aetherium Wars took place between the reign of Vrage and Borgas. 

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