AFFresh: Fly Like A Racer

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After joining the Blades and speaking with Caius you are directed to speak to each of the blades trainers.


Surane Leoriane:

Orders: Do you not have orders from Caius? If you are…volunteering, I do need help stopping the glass smugglers at the Caldera Mine.

Glass Smugglers: Glass smugglers, I did not misspeak. There is plenty of ebony smuggling here, but I have several leads on that. Someone is muggling glass, perhaps from Ghostgate, through Caldera, but I can't find how they're doing it. I had one idea that I need to check on, but there's a small problem…

Continue: I think they may be using the skies. I don't like flying. Or floating. Or levitating. Whatever you call it, it upsets my stomach. But someone needs to patrol the skies over the Calder Mine and look for anyone else flying. If you see someone, interrogate them. Feel free to bluff that you're an Imperial Agent if you can, and search them for raw glass and any other contraband. I have some levitation potions if you're up for it.

-Flying? No thanks: Believe me, I understand. I'll try to find someone else to do it. 

-Sounds fun: Here are your potions. A single one may not last long enough to get high enough and stay up long enough. And pay attention to the potion wearing off as well as the skies. Caius would be very upset if you fell to your death.

Asking again: Have you seen anything in your patrols? Did you even go on patrol? If you need more potions, I'm afraid I don't have any more.


The player heads out to Caldera Mine to patrol the skies and finds a cliffracer. Killing it reveals in it's belly raw glass. The player returns to Surane with this news.


Surane Leoriane:

Glass Smugglers: You saw a bloated cliff racer? Did you kill it and see if there was anything inside? Hm. It's a long shot, but maybe the smugglers are using cliff racers to move the glass. It would mean a powerful mage is working with them to control the cliff racers.

-Continue: Here, I just received more levitation potions. Take them and patrol over the Caldera Mine again. The smugglers are probably up on the cliffs around the mine or just beyond them. Patrol all around the mine and try to find them. If you see them, try and trick them into reading this Divine Intervention scroll. I've alerted the local temple to watch for smugglers. If not, you can arrest them or, if you must, kill them.

Asking again: Have you seen any oddly behaving cliff racers around the Caldera Mine? Any signs of the smugglers?


The player heads back out and discovers there are two smugglers on the hill behind the mine.


Meru Gilveth:

Glass Smugglers: I don't know what you're talking about. Talk to Ulibanu if you must.



Glass Smugglers: Glass smugglers? Ha Ha. No, we are just…uh…training cliff racers to do tricks.

-Say we can work this out: Yes, I see. You are very wise. House Hlaalu? Well, no matter. Here is a small gift of, say, five pieces of glass?

–Accept the gift: I am glad that is settled. We won't be using this route again, will we, Gils? Squid-face will be disappointed, but that's his problem.

Glass Smugglers: Our Business is settled. We can each walk our own path as if nothing happened.

-Give the intervention scroll as a gift: Are you saying ashlanders can't read? Okay, this says–


The player having tricked them returns to Surane to report the success.


Surane Leoriane:

Glass Smugglers: Excellent work, Player. The smugglers will be interrogated and maybe we can find out who was behind this. They would need to be cooperating with a powerful mage to charm cliff racers long enough to send them all the way to Caldera. I ordered these flying goggles to avoid having to keep buying potions, but now I won't be needing them.

Asking again: That was good work, Player. Whoever is behind it isn't using the Caldera Mine anymore, so it's no longer my responsibilty.


The player having succeeded leaves but can't help but wonder who is this “Squid-face” and why was he smuggling Glass.





Alternatively when confronting Ulibanu you can tell her she violated the law and attempt to apprehend them.



-Say they violated the law: I will never set food in another jail! Die, n'wah!


You can also attempt to ask for too much from them when asking for a bribe and they will attack.



-Ask for more: You presume too much, (Race)! There are two of us and one of you!


After disposing of the smugglers you can loot them and find an ash statue on Meru's body. After you return to Surane to inform of their deaths.


Surane Leoriane:

Glass smuggling: You had to kill the smugglers? It's a shame we can't interrogate them, but I understand. Far too many choose to resist arrest. Here is a small reward for your assistance.

Asking again: That was good work, Player. Whoever is behind it isn't using the Caldera Mine anymore, so it's no longer my responsibilty.

Orders: I consider the matter closed. I have no more orders you could assist with.


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