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This quest makes heavy references to LGNPC Seyda Neen. In that mod Erene is referenced to have worked for House Hlaalu and having injured his leg allowing him to know when storms will come in. These references carry over in this questline

When wandering around Seyda Neen the player will come across Erene Llenim a fisherman who will ask for your help.


Erene Llenim:

Nice day for it, isn't it? The Weasther could be better, but it's always a fine day for fishing, and my bad knee isn't too bad today.

Fine day for fishing: Yes, it's a fine day for fishing. It's too bad I'm almost about of bait. Say, would you do an old mer a favor and bring me some crab meat?

-Not right now: Well, I'm not going anywhere!

-Agree to get some crab meat: There's plenty of crabs all along the coast to the west. I'll need about six handfuls for bait. I used to love hunting mudcrabs when I was a boy. Hit 'em and walk away just a little faster. Heh heh. It seems a bit cruel now that they run faster than I do!


The player hunts for a few mudcrabs and gives them to Erene to use as bait.


Erene Llenim:

Fine day for fishing: Is that crab meat I smell? Mmm mm. The fish are going to love it!

-(Give him the crab meat): This is good crab meat, thanks! I'm going ot use it for bait.

Fine day for fishing: Since you brought me some bait, I've been fishing a bit. It's not the same since Galyn went to ashes four, five years ago. he was a big help when I quit working for House Hlaalu. Say, that reminds me of a story. Would you like to hear about the time Galyn lost his fishing rod?

-Why not?: Galyn liked cave fish, so he was always going to addamasartus or Aharunartus or the caves under Ebonheart. That was before the Census and Excise Office, of course, and before we had all these problems with smugglers. Back then this was just a fishing village, only Dunmer here, except old Stone-Fist of course. It was quiet and peaceful. Where was I?

-Continue: Oh, right, Galyn and his fishing rod. So one day Galyn comes running into town, it was just a few shacks back then, no tradehouse or census office. Anyway, he was soaking wet and screaming his head off about ghosts. He says he was just fishing, minding his buisness, when a ghost came up out of the water in Aharunartus. Can you believe it?

-Continue: He was so scared he dropped his fishing rod! I bet it's still in the cave somewhere. The fishing rod, that is, not the ghost. I never found it. I never saw the ghost, either. Of course, the cave is full of slavers now, otherwise I'd still be looking for it. It was a fun cave to visit when I was a boy, but I wouldn't go there now. It's due west of here, past the Thelas' resting place. It's a long swim at my age.

-Continue: I used to swim out there once a week or so when Galyn was still around, just to spite him. He wouldn't go back in the cave for as long as he lived. Now I visit his urn, oh, maybe twice a year and say hello to his ghost. Kind of funny he used to be so scared of shosts and now he's left one. Now I'm not asking to go get it. The fishing rod, that is. That would be irresponsible. but if you happen to find it… Well, that's about it. Thanks for listening to an old man.


The player explores Aharunartus and finds Galyn's fishing rod in the water and returns it to Erene.


Erene Llenim:

Fine day for fishing: It is, it is. The fish aren't biting, and I think I know why, but it's a fine day, a good day for this time of year, although I expect tomorrow to be an even better day. Great weather tomorrow. My knee knows it. Anyway, I've caught my share, and I'm going to have a find dinner tonight. Let me know if you find Galyn's fishing rod.

-Say you found the fishing rod: You found it! Where was it? Oh? I thought for sure I looked there. Let me see it… Aw, it looks like it was in the water too long. I suppose it has been twenty years or more. Let me give you something for it anyways. No, take it, I have more savings than I need. Especially if I can eat fish every day. I still have half my veteran's benefit. They're generous if you finish your term, you know, the trick is living through it! And of course I earned well when I worked for House Hlaalu. (Erene gives the player 150 gold)

Fine day for fishing: Did I ever tell you about Old Gils?

-Tell me about Old gils: Old Gils is a slaughterfish, must be fifty years old by now, and twice as mean. Regular slaughterfish are mean, but Old Gils, well… He was coming around when I was just a boy. Whenever he's here, he scares all the little fish away. It was bad back when this village relied on fishing. I haven't seen him, but I can tell he's out there now. The fish aren't biting.

-Continue: You'd think he was named Old Gils beacuse he has gills, but he's named after Gils Drelas, a boy who used to live here. I heard he sells potions in one of those mushroom cities now. I can see it. He was always tearing leaves apart, mushing up bugs, mixing it all together to see what would happen. Eatin gleaves and bugs, too. Weird kid. He had a thing about Old Gils. That was before he was named Old Gils, of course.

-Continue: Anyway, I can't do much fishing as long as Old Gils is out there. If you see Old Gils, try to kill him or lead him away from here. He usually comes from the deeper waters to the south, so you might want to look there. Otherwise, I'll just wait until he goes away. Usually he only stays here a few days, but one time right after I got back from serving my time in the Imperial Legion, he was here nearly three months!

Imperial Legion: It's funny, isn't it? I grew up here when this was just a fishing village. No Census Office back then, you see. I went to serve my ten in the Legion and decided I missed home, so I didn't sign up for anohter twenty. Still, had some good times, some hard battles, and barely got hurt. I come back and the village is just like it always was so I get recruited by House Hlaalu, get wounded every other negotiation, it seems like. And when I come back to retire, the town is gone! Replaced by this place!.


The player wanting to see if there is more information he can glean from Gils Drelas in Tel Branora.


Gils Drelas:

Old Gils: Old..what? The slaughterfish? Erene says he's still around? I thought for sure he'd be dead. He's not dead. He's not dead. He's not dead. Then I suppose I need to ask of you a favor. If I give you a potion will you take it to Old Gils?

-Nevermind: All these years, he's not dead. Maybe I should go back to Seyda Neen myself? No, no, I couldn't. Hm.

-Agree to take the potion: Take this potion, then. Don't drink it. DO NOT DRINK IT. Just open it and drop it in the water near Old Gils. He won't be a threat anymore. No, it won't kill him. At first I wanted revenge, but over the years I spent learning alchemy and making this potion, I realized that poison wasn't the answer.

Asking again: Just take that potion, DO NOT DRINK IT, and open it underwater near where Old Gils happen s to be. It should reverse the effects.


Returning to Seyda Neen the player finds Gils the fish and deposits the potion int he water near him. The slaughterfish looks calm and coughs up a tarnished ring. Returning successful to Erene the player tells him the good news.


Erene Llenim:

Fine day for fishing: Gils Drelas gave you a potion for Old Gils? That doesn't many any sense. Why would–oh, I guess it doesn't matter. The fish are biting again. Let me give you my lucky lure. I always catch better fish when I use it, but I won't be needing it if Old Gils is gone for good.

Asking again: Fishing's been great. Thanks, Player!


The player is given Erene's Lucky Lure which is turned into a necklace which increases his luck by 10 points. You can return to Gils Drelas one last time to give the good news.


Gils Drelas:

Old Gils: You did it? Did the potion work? Is Old Gils back to normal? I always felt a little guilty about him. I was dumping my spoiled potions in the water. I had no idea there was even a slaughterfish there. But I created a monster. Finally, my mistake has been fixed. Tell Erene he's still a guar fetcher. No, no don't say that. Or don't tell him it was me.




Alternatively the player can decide to kill Gils in which case the following dialogue occurs.


Erene Llenim:

Fine day for fishing: You got him, didn't you? I can tell. I can see a few glitters of scales out there on the water. And not slaughterfish scales either. You sure helped me a lot. Let me give you my lucky lure. I always catch better fish when I use it, but I won't be needing it if Old Gils is gone for good.

Asking again: Fishing's been great. Thanks, Player!


You can also report to Gils Drelas as well


Gils Drelas:

Old Gils: He's dead? Thank you for letting me know. Maybe I can stop thinking about him.



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