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The Fisher Queen

Librarian Comment: 

This book was included in Fishing from the Creation Club

[Player Name], Gisli has told me all about the feast of fresh catches you prepared. Your fishing exploits are quickly becoming a thing of legend, and every legend deserves a song.
Down, down in the briny blue
Lie slaughterfish and clams for stew
Drawn by gold, pearl, and glass
Dullards 'neath the sea trespass
But what of angels, carp, and cats
Grayling, spider, perch and bass?
Lyretail, pygmy, tuna, pog,
What one remains that sings their song?
All hail the queen of the rod!
Rattled by bolts that storms invite
They plead with fish that will not bite
With hollow growling in their gut,
They return with empty baskets! But,
When dinner's bell rings, we shout and sing,
"We bend the knee to the fisher queen!"
All hail the queen of the rod!