First Letter to the Mages Guild, Draft Copy

To: Grivier Adrad, Second Secretary to Archmagister Emeritus Vanus Galarion
From: Irnard Rirnil, Adept
Regarding: Work at the Scholarium

Greetings to the secretary and to the archimagister!

This is to inform you that our work within the Scholarium has begun, and we recognize that the task ahead will both be challenging and time-consuming. The libraries here, uncovered by Votary Nahlia and her heroic associate, may rival those of legendary Apocrypha itself for the ancient knowledge they contain.

However, many of the tomes are in forgotten languages or written in magical script. A few are in secret code, or even some combination of the three. As a result, a great deal of effort will be required before we fully identify and unlock their many secrets.

Please consult the list (sent by separate courier) of more recent tomes and histories that we can use here to check against those found in the Scholarium. Such cross-checking is vital for us to determine both the truth of the oldest tales and to see how those stories have evolved over time.

Thank you for your time and attention in this matter. May Magnus watch over us.

Irnard Rirnil, Adept

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