Fijeh’s Letter to [Player Name]

Author: Fijeh
Released In:

This book was included in Redguard Elite Armaments from the Creation Club

[Player Name],

I’ve been watching your exploits for some time. I’ve long known of your cunning nature, but after seeing the sheer might you demonstrated in your encounter with Azadi, I think you’re exactly the kind of person we need right now.

We are known as Remnants. Some call us “the Eyes that Watch.” For decades, we have helped steer the destiny of Hammerfell. We are a mirage, a constant and formless threat to our enemies on the horizon. I, Fijeh, serve as their leader.

Though the Dominion withdrew from Hammerfell years ago, the Thalmor continue to strike at us in secret. We received word from the city of Sentinel that one of our own, Rakeed, has been taken hostage by the Thalmor. They have been aided by Ismal, a powerful noble and traitor to his people.

There is no doubt that they will try to extract what Rakeed knows about Sentinel’s defenses. We have to stop them before that happens.

We’ve learned that Rakeed may be transported across Skyrim soon. It’s vital that we intercept him from the Thalmor before it’s too late.

I need someone like you who can move freely throughout Skyrim and not arouse suspicion. Speak to me in Purewater Run in the hills of Markarth. I await your arrival.


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