The Feast of Saint Coellicia III

Author (in-game): Arfons Jellicandante


Author’s note: The seventh course was the single sweet course of the evening’s meal. This was a marked departure from form for a high-table banquet, where there were at least two sweet courses which bookended the meal. So successful was this deviation, however, that it soon supplanted the traditional arrangement of courses in a menu.

DATE AND BERRY CAKE with a frosting of sugared cheese. Though eminently palatable, the cake that began this course was more well-known as being incredibly wide—nearly ten feed in diameter—and only a finger or so tall. The frosted cheese was woven in intricate and beautiful knots upon its surface, and many wept to see it cut and served.

FIREBERRY TARTLETS. This was another innovation of the evening, tarts that were folded in such a way that they could be held and eaten without fear of leakage or soiled garments. The shape of these were said to be a product of Mages Guild research.

NORD MILK with cardamom syrup. The curiosity of “”Nord milk”” is still not entirely understood, save that it has nothing to do with Nords. Rather, chefs can induce milk into a frozen, semi-solid state that is among the most delightful confections one can enjoy. Of course, it is only available to the extremely privileged given the expense that goes into creating it.

ROASTED BEEHIVES with cinnamon. These hives, burgeoning with honey and gently heated in the oven, must have been supremely delicious, though it is unclear how Brazollus was able to secure so many.

STEWED PLUMS and cream, which seems inauspicious, but names can be misleading. Brazollus served some fruit previously unseen in Leyawiin after contracting with an expedition to White Rose. The fruit referred to here as a plum is known to Argonians as a lizardfruit, a somewhat bland fruit that, once eaten, numbs the tongue. A simple quaff of rosewater can undo the effect, but it’s almost a certainty that Brazollus withheld this information from his quests for a least a few moments for his own amusement.

* * *

Author’s Note: The last course of the evening, comprised of rich cheeses, were meant to settle the stomach and aid digestion. Records show few guests had the ability to partake of this course, perhaps understandable given the scope of the preceding courses.

MELONRIND CHEESE. Two dozen wheels of melonride were ordered for the evening, the smallest of which was said to be the size of three wagonwheels, stacked. Firm and crumbly, this cheese is named for the curious pockmarking that occurs on the rind after two years of aging.

LACQUERWEB CHEESE, served in bay leaves. Before curds are poured into molds, a web of spun sugar is painstakingly built within them. This shape resembles something like the blood vessels of a creature, and each of its branches are hollow. The curds are poured in and when the cheese is sufficiently hardened a most piquant vinegar is poured into the web. The web dissolves and the cheese is left with remarkable veins of flavor throughout.

EIDER CHEESE imported from Skyrim. A staple of any cheese-eater’s pantry, to be sure.

RED ALMONDS. Dishes of red almonds were known to be a sign of good fortune, though how Brazollus was able to present so many to his guests remains unknown. These nuts, which must pass through the digestive tract of certain badgers, are slow to mature in flavor and thus difficult to acquire.

CRACKED PEACH PITS, which are often served to guests of Alinor’s various orchards, substituted for the more traditional ground nuts.

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