Fargoth Says Hello

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After arriving in Seyda Neen the Player character is placed with a choice in Arrille’s Tradehouse when Krisskar Flat-foot asks the player to find Fargoth’s hiding place. If the member agrees to do the job and completed it they will begin upon the path of Fargoth Says Hello.

After completing Fargoth’s Hiding Place the player can return to Fargoth who will speak to the player.

Someone keeps stealing from me, The whole town is against me, but not you, right? You’re new here. You’re going to be my friend. Someone needs to clean up this town. Someone needs to stand up to these bullies. I need someone to tell them, ‘Fargoth says hello.’
Fargoth says hello: Vodunius. Nuccius. He keeps saying he’s going to leave town, but he never leaves. Always lurking near the pond, peeking around the tree. Why won’t he leave? Is it because he’s the one stealing from me? Get him off my back, friend. Make him pack his bags and go. And if he wont, if he refuses to leave me alone, you’ll just… you’ll just have to kill him.
Asking again: I can’t help but see that Vodunius is STILL THERE! Make him LEAVE ME ALONE!

From here the player heads to Vodunius to see if he can get him to leave town.

Vodunius Nuccius:
Fargoth says hello: He does? I didn’t think Fargoth liked me very much after all the pranks we played on him.
-Tell him Fargoth wants him to leave town: I’d like to leave town myself. I only need 100 drakes to go back to the mainland. But I’m not asking for charity. I won this magic ring in a game of nine-holes, and I’m willing ot sell it to you. It lets you run faster, but it hurts a bit, too. Some amateur enchanter’s mistake, no doubt.
–Take the Ring for 100 gold: Great! You can tell Fargoth I’ll be on the first ship out of here.
Asking again: I’ll be out of this dump as soon as a new ship arrives. Tell that little runt goodbye for me, okay? Weird as it sounds, I’ll miss him.

Vodunius gives the player Nuccius’s Cursed Ring and returns to Fargoth having gotten rid of Vodunius.

Fargoth says hello: You talked him into leaving? Well, that’s good. Good. Yes, good. You deserve a little something. Something from my secret hiding place. And when you’re ready, there’s someone else who should hear the words ‘Fargoth says hello.’
Asking again: There’s someone else who steals from me, bullies me. Not in person, no, no, but the power in the shadows. She sends her agents out to steal what is mine. Hrisskar and Vodunius are just taking her orders. Who owns Seyda Neen anyway? The Empire? Ha! But they make everyone pay. Do the Hlaalu steal from me? Does the Silvenar demand I pay tribute? Do the trees and mudcrabs collect taxes? No, only Adraria Vandacia does. Adraria. Erdrerera. ERDERERER! Even her name makes me angry! You’re my friend right? My true friend? My only friend? YOu would never betray me, would you? Find her in the Census Warehouse. Give her this mazte if you like. I made it myself. Before Adraria dies, before she draws her last greedy breath, make sure she knows Fargoth says hello.
Asking again: Adraria. Adraria. Erdrerera. ERDERERER! Kill her for me, friend. My only friend.

Heading to the Census office warehouse the player confronts Adraria.

Adraria Vandacia:
Fargoth says hello: Fargoth? the little Bosmer? Tell him I said hello, too, I guess?
-Give her the confusing mazte: He’s giving me a gift? Well, there are rules against… Oh, but it’s mazte. Okay, just this once.

Andraria drinks the Mazte and begins to go delerious before attacking the player.

Adriaria Vandacia:
What’s going on? Argh! a Mudcrab!

If you calm Adriaria you can get an opinion from her about the matze.

Adriaria Vandacia:
Fargoth says hello: You already gave me his little gift. A bit of an acquired taste.

Returning to Fargoth after killing Adriaria, we report our success.

Fargoth says hello: Finally she is dead. Almost done. Ha ha! Done for, friend. Done for!
Asking again: There’s one last person who stole from me. It’s not about the gold, friend. It’s not even about my favorite ring. It’s about my privacy, my dignity. Hrisskar Flat-foot. He’s the last one. Almost the last one. But you can’t take care of him in the tradehouse with everyone watching. Here, take these silver darts in case he’s a werewolf. Then go to Hrisskar and tell him there’s a nine-holes match outside town. He’ll follow you. I know he will. He loves nine-holes. When he’s outside of town, when no one will see you, tell him Fargoth says hello.
Asking again: Hrisskar is still there. Still! There! What are you DOING?!

Heading back to the tradehouse the player engages in conversation with Hrisskar.

Hrisskar Flat-Foot:
Fargoth says hello: What are you talking about?
-Tell him there’s a nine-holes match: There is? Well, lead me to it! This is my lucky night!
Asking again: Aye? Where’s this nine-holes match? Is it much farther?

After leading Hrisskar a bit outside of town he initates conversation with the player.

Hrisskar Flat-Foot:
So where’s this nine-holes match?
Fargoth says hello: What’s this about Fargoth? I’ve forgotten all about the little runt.
-Nevermind: Yeah, there’s nothing to say about him, is there?

After kiling Hrisskar outside of town return to Fargoth to get your final reward.

Player, Player, Player. You did it, too. I saw you. You didn’t think I saw you, but I did. I knew it all along. Hello, Player. And goodbye.

Fargoth attacks the player as he knew you also had stolen from him and so must be dealt with.


There are a few alternative paths you can take during this quest which are listed below.

Instead of getting Vodunius to leave you instead can choose to kill him.

Vodunius Nuccius:
-Say you are here to kill him: Ha! Take your best shot, Nord. If you dare.

After killing him you can return to Fargoth for a little different dialogue.

Fargoth says hello: Vodunius is gone? Well, it couldn’t be helped, could it? I knew you where my friend. My only friend. Here’s a little gift, just something from my secret stash. There are so many other people in this town. So many of them need to hear that ‘Fargoth says hello.’


After being asked to kill Vandacia you can instead choose to turn Fargoth into a guard. This can occur with Hrisskar as well with same dialogue.

Fargoth says hello: What are you talking about?
-Nevermind: Then why ask me about it?
-Turn Fargoth in to the guards: Fargoth asked you to kill Adraria? I’m not surprised. He’s been sneaking around at night, jumping at shadows. Wood elves get like that sometimes. I’ll take him in for questions.

Fargoth does not surrender willingly and so the guards cut him down.


Instead of turning him into the guards you can warn Adraria about Fargoth instead of giving her the mazte.

Adraria Vandacia:
-Nevermind: …Oaky.
-Warn her about Fargoth: What? I barely know him. I’ll ask the guards to have a word with him. Here, take this, ah, finders fee. And just ignore anything else he asks you to do.

Adraria gives the player 100 gold. You can return to Fargoth for a bit of further dialogue.

Fargoth says hello: You did WHAT?! You’re… you’re one of them, aren’t you? Stay away from me!


When confronting Hrisskar there are two times you warn him about Fargoth. The first is in the Tradehouse.

Hrisskar Flat-Foot:
-Warn him about Fargoth: Ah, maybe we should stop messing with him. I’ll keep an eye out. Don’t you worry.

Alternatively you can warn Hrisskar after leading him out of town.

Hrisskar Flat-Foot:
-Warn him about Fargoth: You brought me all the way out here just to tell me that? Of course he wants me dead. Thanks for the warning, I guess. I’m going back to the tradehouse.
Asking again: I’ll miss that little runt. Not much fun to be had around town now that he’s gone.

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