Fargoth Forever

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After arriving in Seyda Neen the Player character is placed with a choice in Arrille’s Tradehouse when Krisskar Flat-foot asks the player to find Fargoth’s hiding place. If the member denies the the job they will begin upon the path of Fargoth Forever.

After denying Krisskar’s quest the player can return to Fargoth who will speak to the player. You may also speak to him about a few topics that he will comment on differently due to your choice.

“Arrille told me about Krisskar’s bad behavior — how he asked you to spy on me and you refused. Thank you, Player. You are a true friend. Not like some in this town.”
Krisskar’s bad behavior: “I’m at the end of the branch here, Player. I can feel the wilds coming on. If Hrisskar isn’t stealing things from me or shoving me around, he’s talking outlanders into doing his dirty work. Do you know how many people ended up in jail because they did what Hrisskar asked them to do? Sorry, Player. It’s not any of your business. I just needed to let a few arrows fly.”
Asking again: “Someone ought to do something. I’ve spoken with Sellus about it, and he says he’s sent official complaints, but nothing ever happens.”
Fargoth’s hiding place: “Yes, don’t you have one?”
Ring: “Yes, thank you for finding it! Those guards better look out.”

After exiting conversation with Fargoth you can ask around town to see if there is more you can do to help poor Fargoth.

Krisskar’s bad behavior: “Everyone knows about Hrisskar, but nothing is ever done. I’ve reported him to his local commanding officer, Sellus Gravius. You could try doing the same.”

Albecius Colollius:
Krisskar’s bad behavior: “I am an Imperial Battlemage, but we are separate from the rest of the legion. Therefore, Hrisskar is not under my command. I would report that to Sellus Gravius at the Census Office.”

Raflod the Braggart:
Krisskar’s bad behavior: “If you have a problem with him, why take it up with me?”

Krisskar Flat-Foot:
Krisskar’s bad behavior: “I don’t have any problems that can’t be solved by gutting you like a fish.”

Ganciele Douar:
Krisskar’s bad behavior: “Yes, he’s in the Legions. Quesitons or complaints should be directed to Captain Sellus Gravisu here at the Census and Excise Office.”

Adraria Vandacia:
Krisskar’s bad behavior: “First, why are you in the warehouse? Second, yes, Hrisskar is stationed here in Seyda Neen. You might want to speak with Captain Gravius about that. He’s in the other Census and Excise bulding. You know, the one you went through when you arrived in town?”

Vodunius Nuccius:
Krisskar’s bad behavior: “Ah, we were just messing with him. Hrisskar didn’t mean anything by it.”

Krisskar’s bad behavior: “You should direct your complaints to his commanding officer, Sellus Gravius, at the Census and Excise Office.”

Any other NPC:
Krisskar’s bad behavior: “Is he in the Imperial Legion? Try talking to someone at the Census and Excise Office.”

After confering with any and all people including Krisskar himself about his bad behavior the player determines they should speak to Sellus Gravius about the situation.

Sellus Gravius:
Krisskar’s bad behavior: “Yes, I’m aware of it, I assure you.
-Tell him about Hrisskar and Fargoth: “That’s a serious accusation against someone with Hrisskar’s connections. And I believe you. Truly, I do. I’ve given him punishments and orders which he has ignored. I’ve sent letters to Ebonheart and even one to Cyrodiil. I only recieved one response, which was that Hrisskar was to be left alone.”
–Ask what can be done: “If there was enough evidence… Perhaps you can ask people around town if they will write a letter testifying to his crimes. Gather three or four of these letters and take them to the Knight of the Garland who handles investigations and criminal matters. Currently that would be Cavortius Albuttian in Ebonheart.
Hrisskar’s connections: “I don’t know what they are, only that I was told to ignore him. I have no other explanation.”
Cavortius Albuttian: “He will most likely be in the Garrison, which is a bit hard to find. In Ebonheart, head west over the bridges to get to the Grand Council Chamber. Take the door on the right to the Imperial Commission, then the door on the left to the Imperial Guard Garrison.”

After speaking to Sellus Gravius the player will go around town trying to find those willing to give testimonies against Hrisskar.

Krisskar’s bad behavior: “Yes, I’m glad you’re trying to do something about it. You’re not the first one to do so, but hopefully you’re the last. Anything I can do to help, of course. A letter? Gladly. Gladly. Here you go.”
Asking again: “Take the letter to someone high up in the Imperial Legion. Keep going above their head until you find someone willing to take action.”

Albecius Colollius:
Krisskar’s bad behavior: “Indeed, in the short time I have stayed at this inn with him, I have witnessed much. A letter? Of course.”
Asking again: “I, an Imperial Battlemage, have given you a letter. That should be sufficient proof for the local Knight of the Garland, whoever that is.”

Erene Llenim
Krisskar’s bad behavior: “Yes, I served in the Legions myself, you know. He is a disgrace. An utter disgrace. You want a letter for the Knight of the Garland. Of course. I would be glad to.”
Asking again: “You need to take my letter to the Knight of the Garland. I don’t know who he is here, but he will probably be in Ebonheart.”

Thavere Vedrano:
Krisskar’s bad behavior: “Oh, him? Everyone knows about him. And you say you need a letter? Well, I suppose I could write one. Here.”
Asking again: “Any luck getting him removed?”

Krisskar’s bad behavior: “Quite a distasteful man, withall. What? You want me to write a letter about his thefts and drunkeness? Well, I don’t know. I haven’t seen anything personally, there were just many suspcious incidnets. Oh, alright. It can’t hurt. I”m a citizen, after all.”
Asking again: “I hope you can get something done about it.”

Ganciele Douar:
<60 disposition: "A letter about Hrisskar's misdeeds? I don't know. He'd get kicked out or reassigned. And he owes me money." >60 disposition: “Alright, I’ll write a letter about Hrisskar. Where to even begin? Hold on a moment, Player, this might take a little while.”
Asking again: “I”ve given you the letter. Now I just have to get what he owes me before you deliver it.”

Tolvise Othralen:
Krisskar’s bad behavior: “Well, you know, I haven’t actually seen anything myself.”

Darvame Hleran:
Krisskar’s bad behavior: “Many had to leave Seyda Neen in a hurry because of him, but I never witnessed anything directly.”

Raflod the Braggart:
Krisskar’s bad behavior: “I’ve no love for Hrisskar, but you’re really going to get him kicked out of the Legion for a few harmless pranks?”

Krisskar’s bad behavior: “I know what you mean, but I can’t get involved.”

Tandram Andalen:
Krisskar’s bad behavior: “Really? I haven’t been playing here long. I’ll keep an eye out and I”ll happily write a letter if I see anything.”

Krisskar’s bad behavior: “If I had enough evidence, I would have arrested him.”

Other NPCs:
Hrisskar’s bad behavior: “I don’t know anything about that. Try asking someone else.”

After collecting all the evidence the player went to Ebonheart to inform Cavortius Albuttian.

Cavortius Albuttian:
Hrisskar’s bad behavior: “These are serious accusations. What evidence do you have?”
-Show him any letters you have: “This seems quite clear. He has been harassing some of the locals, especially this Fargoth, committing crimes, even refusing direct orders. I will have him reassigned to Dreugh-head Island. I have no authorityh to reward you officially, but please take this small reward.”
Asking again: “As I said, I will give orders for him to be reassigned to Dreugh-head Island. I assure you, from personal experience, this is a punishment. The orders will be delivered by two Knights, and Hrisskar will be taken there by force if he resists.”
Hrisskar’s Connections: “You mean his aunt back in Cyrodiil? Whatever her place on the Council, I doubt she knows what he is doing or cares about his treatment. I know her well enough to know she never liked him. But perhaps someone made an assumption. There are too many of those in the Legion. Or perhaps Hrisskar used her name as a threat. Whatever his connections. I don’t care.”
Dreugh-head Island: “Arctic training camp for Legion.. It’s frozen year round, supplies come in twice a year along with a hundred fresh, foolish recruits, and the nearest available women are ten days away by ship. Yes, I spent time on Dreugh-head Island. A year or two there and he will be a changed man. Note I did not say a better man. For that we can only pray to the Nine.”

Cavortius gives the player 200 gold and they return to Seyda Neen to give the good news.

Hrisskar’s bad behavior: “Yes, I saw them take him to the ship. I doubt anyone will miss him. Maybe Raflod.”

Hrisskar’s bad behavior: “Yes, he’s gone. For good. Thank you, Player. You didn’t have to live with him.”

Albecius Colollius:
Hrisskar’s bad behavior: “Yes, two Knights came and escorted him away. I heard one mention Dreugh-head Island. I’ve never been there, but it has a terrible reputation.”

Erene Llenim:
Hrisskar’s bad behavior: “I never spoke with him much. I rarely even saw him since I only go into the tradehouse a few times a week. But I’m relieved he’s gone.”

Thavere Vedrano:
Hrisskar’s bad behavior: “He’s gone and that’s one less thing to worry about. A lighthouse keeper has many worried, you know.”

Ganciele Douar:
Hrisskar’s bad behavior: “He’s gone. And so is my money.”

Sellus Gravius:
Hrisskar’s bad behavior: “Orders came in to have him transferred. I don’t know how you managed to convince Cavortius, but on behalf of everyone in Seyda Neen, I thank you.

Hrisskar’s bad behavior: “He’s gone, Player! He wasn’t the only one who picked on me, but he was the worst by far. I think the others will leave me alone now. I got something out of my secret hiding place for you. Just drop this sack on the ground and when you pick it up, you’ll have a few silver darts. Now you never have to worry about ghosts or werewolves.”
Asking again: “Thank you for getting rid of him, Player. My life is going to be so much better.”

Fargoth gives the player Fargoth’s Bag of Darts and will live a much better life for now on.

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