Farewell Feast

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What is to be done with an old friend, one who carried your belongings when you were tired, warmed you on cold nights, and blocked the dust storms from your face? Why, when your guar grows old or falls ill, it is only right to honor it with a feast.

The Morning Preparation

In the morning, make a large firepit with two spits.
You will need five or more very large pots or watertight baskets.

Gather a few kwama eggs, two whole piles of ash salts, and ten or so bottles of sujama.

Say a prayer to the Dark Warrior and hunt two shalk.

Lead your guar to your village, for as they say, no mer can eat a guar alone.

Say another prayer to the Dark Warrior and slaughter your guar. Wipe the solitary tear from your eye and skin it. Fold the rough skin and put it aside. Butcher the guar as you would a cow, save that it has but two legs. For the evening feast, you will eat the legs, heart, liver, and ribs. For the morning feast you will eat the fatty neck and belly meat with the kidneys and half the brains. So make two piles of meat.

Put each guar leg in a cooking pot with a bottle of sujamma and a handful of ash salts. Use a large dagger or spear to poke the legs very thoroughly to allow the liquor to soak in and make the old guar tender.

Open the shalks and cut up the meat with the heart and liver of the guar. Cut this very fine until it is more like a paste. Break a few kwama eggs and mix them in with a generous handful of ash salts. The mixture should be thick and sticky. Save it for later. Put the ribs in a cooking pot with a bottle of sujama.

Put the neck and belly fat in another cooking pot with sujamma to let it soak all day and night.

While waiting for the meat to become tender, clean the hide and put it in a pot or basket with water and half the brains to start the tanning.

The Evening Feast

Near sunset, the meat should be more edible.

Take the guar legs out of their pots and rub the shalk and organ mixture over both guar legs thoroughly. Rub more ash salt over the top of each leg.

Put one guar leg on each spit. Find some large, flat stones and put them at the edges of the pit.

Light the fire.

Guar needs little spice or flavoring. It is delicious with just salt, and even better with the heart and liver.

When the legs are nearly done, take the ribs out of the pot, spread the egg and salt on them, and place them on the flat rocks near the fire. Stop tending the fire and let it settle to coal.

Take the guar legs down and cut off slices for yourself and your village.

When you have finished two or three slices of leg, check on the ribs. When they are done, eat them.

If you are a lucky hunter and have a husband, love him many times in the evening, for your belly will be full and the feast too noisy to sleep. He will help you forget about your old friend.

The Morning Feast

In the morning, rise and restart the fire. There will usually be enough coals left, but if not, just remake it. When the stones around the fire are hot, cut the kidneys and brains into small pieces and add a little ash salts.

Cut the fatty neck and belly meat into thin strips. Put the strips on the rocks until they are crispy and brown around the edges.

Take the strips off and put the brain and kidney mix on the stones until it is dry and no liquid remains.

Eat and be merry.

Find a new guar.

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