Famia Mercius’s Journal, Part 1

Author (in-game): Famia Mercius

I can scarcely believe my luck! After soliciting adventurers every day for a month, I finally found a genuine hero! I do mean that in the classical sense. In the short period I’ve known them, this warrior has displayed boundless cunning, bravery, and strength. Truthfully, I would probably be thoroughly dissolved if I hadn’t made their acquaintance when I did!

We finally mounted our long-delayed expedition into the Ixtaxh xanmeer, you see. Things took a turn for the dire almost immediately. Luckily, our hero and I managed to navigate the ruin’s many perils and recover the Kajin-Jat Crystal! I think I saw Kassandra smile when she placed it in her display case. A rare sight indeed!

Of course, our joy is tempered by recent developments with the Blackguards. Somehow, those ruffians learned about our search for the Remnant of Argon. They even went so far as to kidnap members of our organization! Luckily, our newest member, my dear friend, Xukas, and a Dead-Water warrior named Jaxsik-Orrn managed to rescue them. I’m relieved to have my friends back safe, but remain very concerned about how much progress those Blackguard scallywags have made toward locating the Remnant. Hopefully, this new hero can give us the edge we need to find it first!

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