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Facts and Opinions from the Nu-Hatta Intercept

  • The Barrier between Mundus and Oblivion is weakening.
  • There’s been a conspiracy dating back to the Dawntime.
  • The Empire is threatened by previous realities.
  • The Ayleids are not gone.
  • The Elder Scrolls nor the Ancestor Moths have provided much practical information before the fact.
  • The Jills are servants of the Dragon [Akatosh] who mend minutes.
  • Shezzarite –power symbols are dangerous. There seems to be much interest. This happened before during the time of the Maruhkati Selectives.
  • The Events at Red Mountain (Morrowind’s Ending) should not be viewed as a good thing for the Empire. Agents in that event were tricked by the Dagonites [followers of Mehrunes Dagon]. The First Stone [Heart of Lorkhan] should have remained as it was.
  • The current problems go back to the Merethic Era. Aldmeris split during the Dawn, but the pieces had some changes to their realities. Sometimes they were connect to “The Land of Start” [Almeris] in part or in whole. At this time, the Jills, as well as all of the Mundex Spirits were new at things and perhaps mistakes were made.

Ur-Tower, Adamantine, Direnni Tower

Akatosh returned to the Mundus, signaling a meeting of the Aedra outside aurbic time. Akatosh’s vessel [spaceship] buried itself deep within the earth, warning the spirits about the consequences of the meeting. This ship was the Ada-mantia, the Ur-Tower, which contained the Zero Stone. This meeting was called the Convention.

Every Tower has a stone. The “impossipoint” of the Convention was the first, but it is called the Zero Stone. The First Stone is the Heart of Lorkhan.

In the language of the Ehlnofey, "Aad semblio impera, dela can carpio semblex" means "as in the image of the kings become the hearts of their shadows" and "the shadows in kingly hearts are images of as". "As" is an ur word.

The outcome of the Convention was that the spirits would leave the planet. Mudus was given a second Tower at this time, Red Mountain with the Heart of the World [Heart of Lorkhan].

Time began to follow a sequential path. Those spirits that stayed behind gave up their divinity.

The witnesses to these events [Aldmer] built more towers: White-Gold [The White-Gold Tower], Crystal-like-Law [The Crystal Tower], Orichalc [?], Green-Sap [Falinesti?], Walk-Brass [Anumidium], Snow Throat [Throat of the World], et cetera. Oblivion first troubled the Mundus at this point.


All towers were an attempt at copying the power of the first tower, the Ur-Tower. Creation spread through the First Stone.

Red Mountain and the Heart of Lorkhan allowed the Mundus to exist without the divine being there. Mundus was given a special divinity of its own.

Again we learn that most of the gods left the Mundus after the Convention. The first Aldmer were the most powerful of the lesser spirits; after the Convention they began to build more Towers.

The Elves began to split into groups based on cultural difference. This is seen as the destruction of Aldmeris. We learn that there was never an actual land or continent of Aldmeris. “Old Ehlnofey” was just a mixture of beliefs and ideals that all elves shared at one time. The early historians are wrong: all mortal life started on Tamriel.


All the Stones are magical and physical attempts to copy the Zero Stone. They allow a tower to focus its energy to mold creation. Many times the Stones borrowed from Oblivion and attached the power to the Tower. The builder of the Towers “took” from Oblivion because it is difficult to bypass it in an attempt to tap the Aetherius. It has been done, but the cost was high. In comparison, it is much easier to tap into the power of Oblivion.

The Stones collected “creatia” that came into the Void from Aetherius.

The Daedric Realms were formed in the same way, using extra energy from the Aetherius to build each realm. The realms of Oblivion are more “capricious” then the Towers on Mundus. . . Sometimes!

The Altmer tired to emulate “the will of Anuiel” [Order?]. The Chimer rebelled against aedric ordering and measures and followed Veloth to Red Mountain to “the Stone that is not a Stone that is” [Heart of Lorkhan]. The worst Tower, Walk-Brass, went beyond creation into dis-creation. The Numidium posses a threat to the Emperor [Empire], but it is a small part of a larger evil.

The White-Gold Tower has a stone called Chim-el Adabal, AKA the Amulet of Kings. Chim-el Adabal translates to “the spirit stone of high royalty”. Its master was the Ayleids. Don’t forget that they are returning!

White-Gold Tower

The White-Gold Tower is a conduit of creatia, built to reverse the effects of the Construction. Its purpose was/is to re-reach the divine.

The Tower was built by the Ayleids (Heartland High Elves). They went in a different direction than the Altmer. The Altmer attempted to focus on dracochrysalis [time cocoon?] or “keeping elder magic bound before it could change into something lesser.”

The Ayleids harvested the leftover creatia from Oblivion by entering a pact with the Daedric Princes.

NOTE: Not all of the Ayleids took an interest in this endeavor. Some showed more interest in earthy agriculture than the magical farming of creatia.


Every Tower takes on a “myth form.” Red Tower is a volcano, and it surrounds. Snow Throat is a mountain, and its apex is only half there [perhaps it exists in multiple dimensions]. Walk Brass walks about and takes on characteristics of a living entity, most of the time.

Even though the Ayleids gave the White-Gold Tower a central spire, the whole structure resembles a Wheel. There are eight lesser towers forming a ring around the central one. This design gave/gives the White-Gold Tower a power over creatia unalike any other of the Towers. THIS IS THE THREAT TO THE EMPIRE of which Nu-Hatta speaks!

“The Ayleids made their own wheel within the wheel.”