Expedition Manifest

Released In:
Author (in-game): Sulla Trebatius

We’ve managed to secure the site and hold off any others who may try to steal our discoveries so far, especially those from the College of Winterhold, who seem to think the glory of exploring every ruin should be theirs alone.

The crew for our expedition is as follows:

Sulla Trebatius (myself) – Expedition leader
Umana – my constant companion and bodyguard
Valie – a mage not associated with Winterhold (took some time to find)
Endrast – a fellow explorer of some local renown
Yag – a great brute of a woman, hired to keep the rest of the labor in check
J’darr and J’zhar – two Khajiit brothers, hired as labor

Need a couple more laborers, getting through the ice is proving difficult.

We’ve set up shelter and scouted the area. The small ruins on the lower plateau of the glacier don’t seem connected to the main structure and we haven’t managed to find a way into the tower parapet we’ve found here. Yag mentioned spotting a fissure in the glacial wall that may lead into the ruins so we are going to try find a way to get down there with the gear. Looks like a storm is coming.

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