Excerpt from Protocol and Propriety in Summerset

Released In:

As a guest, you will not be required to memorize every detail of the proper behavior at a High Elven dinner table, and surely you won’t be judged too harshly for minor misunderstandings. However, the more you know, the better the impression that you make, and impressions are quite important. Here are a few simple rules to help improve your table presence and impress your hosts:

Refill the glass of the diner to your left when it is low. Never refill your own glass.

Never rest utensils on the edge of any vessel. 

Do not eat more than the most prestigious attendee at any function.

Always allow the head of your table to lead the discussion.

Never watch another while they chew.

Using the wrong utensil is considered barbaric. If you do not know which to use, watch other guests and follow their example.

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