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Excerpt from Fun with Daedra: Games for Adventurers:

The obnoxious gibbering of scamps and their tendency to set things on fire prevent them from being much sport at all (beyond perhaps releasing one into a rival’s quarters to wreak havoc), so let’s move on. The clannfear! First, the obvious safety notices. The clannfear is still a formidable foe, so don’t attempt this alone or if you don’t have confidence in your abilities. They want nothing more than to tear the flesh right off you, and never forget that. Get out of the way when they charge, don’t get bitten by that nasty beak, and watch out for the tail swipes. 
Now, on to the fun! You need a rope, a horse, and good aim for this one—and, of course, a clannfear. That shouldn’t be too hard to find these days. Tie your rope up into a noose-like knot with a wide loop at the end. Then, ride in big circles around the clannfear, spin your rope over your head, and try to land the loop right where he’s going to step. If you can catch the leg and trip it, you’ve won!