Excerpt from Altmeri Imperatives and Dialectics, Vol. 1

Released In:

We must understand history to advance our culture. Elves once ruled over Cyrodiil, but our cousins the Ayleids fell into decadence just like the modern Imperials. The humans rose up and defeated their Elven masters, but they didn’t stop there. No, they strove to eliminate Elven society entirely, destroying nearly every remnant of Ayleid culture, art, and literature they could. And then, as men are so prone to do, they forgot what led their masters to their demise.

Now the events of history play out on the same stage with new actors. These Imperials have lost control of their once-great Empire, have allowed their people to turn to Daedra worship and pleasure-seeking, just like their enslavers before them. They have invited ruin to the world with open arms, allowing corruption to sneak into their highest court and treat with evil itself. This will not be permitted to continue.

The Dominion stands ready to correct the wrongs of the past, to bring light to the many dark places in the Empire. When we claim the Ruby Throne, we will break this cycle and usher in a new Era for all Tamriel’s peoples. We will protect them from themselves, as they have proven their incompetence.

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