Elder Scrolls Online: Interactive Map Texts: Reaper’s March

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Conversation with Manashir-do, browsing market stalls
“No, no, no. Hmmm. Not cloth—too many threads to chase, too much to get in the way and distract. Pretty, though. Much better for relaxing and enjoying sweets in than for fighting. Very nice embroidery, very fine. Metal? Only if Khajiit wants to let the enemy know that he’s approaching! I am a skilled fighter, yes, but no need to give free warnings. And how would I stretch and bend? Everyone knows it is better to dodge than to be hit, better to pounce than lumber slowly forward. Ah! What about this? Sturdy but flexible, room around the joints … does it match my spots?”
Excerpt from Alchemical Misconceptions

The senche-tiger native to Elsweyr and Valenwood has several alchemical myths associated with it. This is not surprising; a beast of such strength and majesty is almost certain to inspire tall tales and rumors.

The Wood Elves have the most numerous inventions regarding the animal. They are convinced that its bones contain almost magical properties when crafted into arrows. In my close studies of some such arrows (obtained at great expense), I detected no such properties, though I did not, of course, subject myself to being shot as part of my tests.

Even the Redguards of Hammerfell cannot escape the power of the senche’s mystique. They import powdered claws and teeth for use in concoctions that claim to do everything from extending one’s life to instilling good luck. While it is true that the claws exhibit some modest beneficial properties, one must be cautious when purchasing potions from dubious sources. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Excerpt from Indulgence in Dune

You can find anything in Dune if you have the coin and know where to look. Travelers seeking the full experience of Khajiiti culture would do well to spend time at the The Grinning Moons inn. Be prepared to pay a hefty sum, but know that what you will receive in exchange is worth every bit. I have never enjoyed more luxury in all my travels, and no one does indulgence like the Khajiit.

You will be treated as royalty; from the sumptuous over-stuffed pillows and soft sheets to the finest that Khajiiti cuisine has to offer, your every desire will be attended. Expertly prepared local dishes and dangerously sweet beverages can be enjoyed in the dining hall, accompanied by indigenous musicians and dancers. I can guarantee that you won’t want to leave.

From the journal of Tullius, bandit

Never thought I’d be glad I took the advice of one of them cat-men, but here I am. Leaving Chorrol is the best move I ever made. The real money is here, near Arenthia. I never dreamed of caravans like these; they’re loaded with liquor and jewelry! Sure, they have tougher guards and there’s more competition, but it’s worth it. The boss gives me a good cut and I like the ruins we’re set up in, even if it is a little hot out here. It’s much better than a damp, musty cave, that’s for sure. Wonder if I can get a letter to Bartalus. He sure thought it was funny when I told him where I was headed, but look who’s laughing now!

Old Khajiiti Adages

If you wish to make a fight boring, make it fair.

A busy cat forgets the taste of sugar.

The trimmed claw never snags.

A quiet knife solves more than crying.

Sword in one hand, laughter in the other.

Report of Hiranar, Thalmor cultural researcher

Kinlord Lacaano,

It will not be long until all of Tamriel is under the rule of the Dominion, but our endeavor does not end simply with conquest. No, to truly lead, we must work to unify the provinces and bring the fruits of our refined culture to all. That work starts now, with our own allies. If we can learn how best to propagate our values to them, we will be ready for the greater work ahead.

The Khajiit, for example, are skilled in producing fine crafts and clearly have some rudimentary appreciation for artistic pursuits, but they must leave behind their predilection for over-indulging in physical comforts. I recommend converting many of their sugar-dens and taverns into more appropriate establishments, perhaps schools of Altmeri lineage and history or magical instruction. If they leave behind these distractions, I am certain they will enjoy fulfilling their newfound potential as examples of the Dominion’s benefits.

Threefold Venerations,

Telquelie, scholar of Ayleid history

“It is a shame that the Men of old, in their typical short-sighted manner, obliterated so much of Ayleid culture when they rebelled against their masters. There are scant few structures that were not destroyed in the uprising or breached and pillaged afterward. The losses in history and magical knowledge that we have suffered at the hasty hands of Men intent on wiping out all trace of our kin are substantial.

The Ayleids split from the traditions of the Altmer—which was certainly folly and must have contributed in part to their eventual downfall. Perhaps their methods of attempting to instill Elven values in Men were a bit forceful and crude, but it is still a tragedy that so little of them remains, especially in regards to their highly-advanced magical techniques.”

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