Elder Scrolls Online: Interactive Map Texts: The Rift

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From the journal of Logang Foxbite
Don’t think I’ll be having problems with the wolves that were scaring up the chickens now. Heard a commotion outside early this morning, so I grabbed a torch and my axe and ran out there. I about dropped ‘em both when I spotted, not more than a stone’s throw away, a giant surrounded by the pack. I’ve never seen a giant this far south; I don’t know what he was doing down here. Behind him, lying down, was young tyke of a mammoth. I couldn’t tell if it was hurt or dead, but the wolves were trying to get at it, hopping in and out and dodging the giant’s club. Well, wasn’t long before a swing of that thing (big as a tree trunk) caught a wolf square in the side and sent it flying up over a tree! The rest of the pack turned tail after that! I did the same—wasn’t going to risk being out there with an angry giant—and he and the calf were gone before mid-day.
From the journal of Tholmgar, smith

Saw weird lights flashing in that Mages Guild again. I mean, I know that most kinds of magic make flashes of light sometimes, but these were just not right. Strange, purple lights! Who knows what they’re practicing in there? Probably summoning Daedra, and one of these days they’re going to break loose; I just know it.

Sure, the Mages Guild is a “respected” establishment, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it being right across the way from me! You can’t trust a bunch of mages holed up somewhere, with all their books and relics and spells. I’ll keep my eye on them, and I’ll continue bringing it up at the Jarl’s audiences, for all the good that’s done. If anyone finds this journal after Daedra pour out of there and destroy the whole town (mark my words, it’s going to happen), well, I tried to warn them!

From the sales records of Belyni Llendu, trader

Good day today. Finally finding a few goods the Nords seem to like. Left town mid-afternoon and am already freezing on this trail, but the thought of the profits and a nice cozy cornerclub back in Mournhold are lifting my spirits.

Sales, Windhelm, 5th Sun’s Dusk:
12 cases Sujamma (who knew mead-drinkers would take to it?)
23 cured netch hides
8 bushels saltrice
15 pieces assorted limeware jugs, cups, platters
4 cases Mazte (not doing so well)

Note found at Winterblade Fine Leathers


I’m not cut out to make armor. I’m sorry, but I hate everything about it! I hate skinning the stags and sabre cats and bears, I hate the stink of making the leather, and I hate the stitching and studding. I know you wanted me to carry on the family tradition, but I just can’t do it anymore. It’s time for me to follow my own dream. I took my own gold and I’ve set out to learn magic like I always wanted. I’m going to join the Mages Guild, and you can’t stop me. I’ll send money for you and Ma as soon as I get on my feet. You’ll see; I’ll make you proud even if I do hate making armor!

– Thaman

People of Riften, The Skald-King Comes!

All citizens of the Pact, be welcomed at his feast, 3rd Last Seed outside the northern gates.

Festivities begin at mid-day. Eat your fill of the fine bounty of the hunt, sample meads from across Skyrim, and don’t forget to sign up for the log-heaving contest—a hefty prize in gold to the winner!

Singing, drinking, feasting, challenges of strength, and more! Join your fellows, celebrate the might of the Ebonheart Pact, and rally beneath the banner of Jorunn, the Skald-King!

Posted outside barracks at Windhelm

Enlist now! Protect Skyrim!

Will the Daggerfall Covenant or Aldmeri Dominion stop at the White-Gold Tower? NO! They will reach for Skyrim and the lands of our allies without hesitation. We are not safe until they are driven back!

Make no mistake—nothing but complete conquest of Tamriel will sate them.

If you value your freedom, your family, and our traditions, then join the fight. Earn glory on the battlefield and secure the future for Skyrim and the Ebonheart Pact!

Ragmaer, Nord woodcutter

“What do I think of an alliance with the Dark Elves and Argonians? Times are bad—for us and them. The Akaviri invasion ten years back hurt us all, there’s the troubles in Cyrodiil now, and we’ve got enemies sprouting up left and right. The Covenant’s on our borders and up to who-knows-what with the damn Orcs, and the Aldmeri Dominion, well, no true-blooded Nord can stand idle with High Elves on the march.

It’ll be a fight to protect Skyrim, that’s for sure. Would it be better to stand by ourselves? I know some think so. I’m no coward, but I’m not stupid, either. The Skald-King is right; we need allies, even if I can’t exactly call all of ‘em ‘friends.’”

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