Elder Scrolls Online: Interactive Map Texts: Greenshade

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A Bosmeri Sleeping-song

Night falls, day’s felled
The farewell tale is told
Dark calls, sleep swells
Dreaming-blossoms unfold
Sleep now, drift on
Amble the moonlit way
Night’s here, day’s gone
Rest now until dawn’s rays

Conversation with Antelas, Wood Elven scout

“They’ll probably send me out of Valenwood soon. Everyone’s fighting everyone out there. I’m not afraid; being part of a battle doesn’t bother me as much as leaving does. I want to protect our homes, but I wish we didn’t have to leave them to do it. The Thalmor say we can’t just wait for war to come knocking on our door.

I don’t know; the wood has always kept us safe. Who from the outside can even fight their way into it to get to us? If an army attacked, it’d be easy to drive them out. The High Elves have always done just fine sticking to Summerset, too, but now all of the sudden they want to do more. It seems strange, sticking out our necks like this, just inviting a blade to strike them when we have so much safety right here. I’ll miss home. Hope I’ll come back.”

From the journal of Ornenya

Ha! Finally caught them! It took practically all night, but now I know who—or should I say what—has been destroying the new footpath to my garden. The spriggans and their beasts tore up the stones, dug them out of the earth, and covered the area in moss and weeds again before my very eyes. Guess I owe Elenien an apology for accusing her of this nonsense.

The cursed pests ruined my entire garden this time by overgrowing it with vines, but I was too afraid to meddle; I’ve heard they can use dangerous magic. Perhaps I can get the guard to assist with this. I know we’re supposed to be careful in our interactions with the nature here, but I require that footpath! I will not be beaten by a bunch of tree-spirits!

Handbill distributed in Marbruk

Esteemed Allies,

During your time in our beautiful city we hope you will feel welcomed. While we certainly never assume that any unseemly circumstances will arise, please direct your attention to these simple strictures to help avoid any unpleasant inter-cultural incidents:

The smoking of any dried insects is not permitted within the city walls
Appropriate attire includes shoes in all public places
Theft, no matter the circumstances, will be punished to the strongest extent permitted
Avoid eye contact with any you suspect are superior in social standing
The peace of the city must be respected. All discourse, even in the marketplace, should be civil, respectful, and kept to a reasonable noise level

Please contact a Thalmor representative if you have any questions about decorum or proper behavior while in the city. Remember: better to be informed than imprisoned!

Letter to an estranged son


You are a continued embarrassment and a smudge on our lineage and to all High Elves, but it seems you are well-aware of that at this point and simply do not care. Your mother and I are absolutely unable to fathom why you insist on these escapades. And after all we have done for you—the apprenticeship we arranged, the lodgings in Firsthold, and the carefully-researched engagement to a daughter of surprisingly impressive bloodline, all thrown away.

Until you come to your senses, consider yourself cut off from all inheritance. We will no longer finance your education and enable your questionable choices. We will never recognize your “marriage” to that scruffy Khajiit, and will not aid in your indiscretion. We demand the return of all family heirlooms, including your grandfather’s armor, immediately. Do not force us to send someone for them.

Signed and Witnessed,
Your Eternally-Shamed Parents

Notes of Andandon, ambassador

We have made great strides here with our less civilized kin. Near our own settlements you can even see the beginnings of control over the wilderness. It is true that there is beauty here, though it is chaotic and unchecked. It has been difficult to establish what we have; our dear allies are quite touchy when it comes to the woods, but they understand the benefits that our influences convey.

I will continue to work tirelessly to prove that we will preserve the most important parts. The lives of the Bosmer residing among us are much improved already. Incidences of parasites, theft, and Daedra-worship are on the decline. There has, of course, been some resistance from staunch traditionalists to our cultural leadership and enhancements, but I suspect it will subside as more of our allies reap the rewards of a more civilized life.

Notice on Marbruk gates


Worshipers of the foul Daedra Hircine have been seizing the unwary. You are advised to travel only in large groups and only if necessary until the cultists are eradicated. Attacks are often prefaced by unnatural howling and hunting horn blasts.

REMINDER: The worship of Hircine will not be tolerated by Thalmor authorities in any shape or form, and no excuse will delay justice for those who engage in such depraved behavior.

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