Elder Scrolls Online: Interactive Map Texts: Glenumbra

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Excerpt from Mysteries of the Divines

“Work hard, and you will be rewarded,” Zenithar teaches us. How will we be rewarded? By gold? Prestige? Many desire these things, but this is not what Zenithar hopes for us to understand.

Remember that Zenithar also teaches us to be wise in our spending, to never steal from others. The rewards he guides us to are not material—no, his rewards are the rewards of the spirit. By engaging in a ritual of production, whether you are a smith hammering out swords or a farmer tending and harvesting crops, you honor Zenithar. By participating in creation, your actions are blessed. The reward that Zenithar wishes for us to discover is in the work itself, hidden in the very act of making—the fruits of your labor are lesser prizes when compared.

Fahamal, Trader

“Our Breton allies are comfortable with magic, yes. More than comfortable, I would say. I have even seen their youths practice illusions upon each other in the very streets of Daggerfall. No Redguard would ever permit his own children to tamper with magic in such an irresponsible fashion. Do they not realize the dangers?

Magic is powerful, yes, and a mighty force in battle, but the perils are many and the temptation of foul necromancy always lurks near. I see more staves here than blades, and I admit, I fear for the safety of our sword-adepts as they stand in battle beside so many mages. King Fahara’jad would not ally us with evil, but we must always be vigilant.”

From Travels in High Rock

The countryside of southern and central Glenumbra is a lovely place to travel, especially in the spring. Make sure to avoid the disgusting fens in the eastern regions north of Aldcroft. Outside of those, the forests of Glenumbra are verdant, the temperatures more than pleasant, and enjoyable camping is possible almost anywhere.

I strongly recommend a visit to the woods near Daggerfall, where game is plentiful and the local villages offer hearty and inexpensive repasts. Journeying here is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the beauty of High Rock. In First Seed, you must travel up to Camlorn. No other city boasts such a lively, colorful, and entertaining festival as Camlorn’s celebration of Flower Day. It makes a perfect addition to any excursion through the region.

Handbill found in Camlorn

The Howling Threat Approaches! All of Glenumbra in Danger!

“Werewolves are not a real threat to me,” you laugh. But YOU ARE WRONG! Werewolves have been sighted more and more frequently in the woods, and I have seen one with my own eyes.

Ignore this message at your own peril. Stock up on canis root and keep your children indoors. Do not leave your flocks unattended! Petition the Duke to increase the watch—he has ignored my repeated requests and puts you all in serious peril!

Letter found in caravan wreckage


I hope this letter finds you well in Shornhelm. I regret to admit that things in Camlorn are not what I’d hoped. Since last I wrote, my situation has worsened. The farm is entirely fallow; I can’t grow even the hardiest crops. I hesitate to mention this, but strange vines have been appearing in the garden, growing faster than anything I’ve ever seen. I know other farmers who’ve seen the same. They say it’s bad magic, that it’s an omen. We took up a collection to have an alchemist all the way from Daggerfall out to examine them.

If this continues, I am not sure what I will do. I have felt great unease these past weeks. It must be the superstitions of the farmers getting to my head. I shall write again as soon as I can.

Best regards,

Work order for Roumane Bargeron, Tailor

I’m to receive a commendation from the Duchess for finding a safe alchemical solution to the recent snag-weevil infestation that plagued our farmers, and I must look perfect for the ceremony. First off: no skirt! I want pants; they’ll give me more “works in the field” appeal. But the cloth must be fine, to show my status, and I want a foresty green–I’ve included some leaf samples to give you the right idea.

I’m going for “practical, but worthy of respect.” Maybe weave some silver-threaded highlights into the hood (it definitely needs a hood)? I’m having leathers embossed with various plants of importance to be worked into the chestpiece. Do you think having gold-embroidered lady’s mantle leaves added to the sleeves would be too garish? I’ll be stopping by frequently to view your progress and offer direction; we can talk then.

Enzo Chatillon
Award-winning Alchemist

Wyrd Tree verse

Deep in the wood the Wyrd Tree grows
Ancient beyond mer or man.
It hides away more than it shows
Secrets from when time began

Roots that conceal legends long dead
Each leaf a story untold
What lost knowledge waits, yet unread,
Among twig and limb of old?

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