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Beela-Eeto, asked why he looks uncomfortable

“It itches. It is too tight, as if a serpent clutches me in its coils! I thought it would be a sign of good will, having this armor crafted for me in the Dark Elven style, but I can’t move.

The space for my tail is too small, and these leather plates! How will I dodge and weave in battle? I do not understand how they bear this constriction!

Perhaps there is a better way to show my good intent and allegiance to the Pact.”

Daily Temple Ordinator Directives, 12th Rain’s Hand

In light of recent events, please remember the following throughout your duties today:

Argonians do not typically mean offense when their spines or frills rise or shift while observing you. There is no need to view this as aggressive or insulting.

No drunkenness will be permitted within Temple grounds. Attempt to calmly escort any visitors that have overindulged outside. Be firm, but not insulting, especially when interacting with Nords.

Double patrol routes near holy relics. Be alert and suspicious of any outlanders who linger too long near any display.

Blessed Almalexia commands that we work together with our Nord and Argonian allies, and their education about our culture is critical. We obey wordlessly and enforce Her Will.

Damyn Andrano, Innkeep

“More visitors come through here now than ever, and I always warn them about the Ashlanders—they’re in the area this time of year. Not even all Dunmer know their customs, and if you make one wrong step, well, they won’t hesitate to attack you if you’re armed.

The best thing for most travelers to do is avoid them, but if you get lost or need shelter in an ash storm, make sure you have something you can give as a gift. They’ll accept gold, but practical goods like weapons or food are often received more warmly. If you have to interact with them, be respectful, have your weapons packed away, and keep your mouth shut as much as possible.”

Hrorvild Blackrock, Nord weaponsmith

“Now that ebony, that is a true wonder. I’d love to see what a real Nord smith can do with it, now that we’ve got access to more. Hard to get much before the Pact—most of it comes from Vvardenfell, and the Dark Elves guard it like a sabre cat over her cubs. I heard it’s the blood of a god; that’s what they say, at least.

Anyway, I’ve seen Dark Elven smiths make some fine weapons from it. They keep an edge like you wouldn’t believe and seem to have just the right weight and balance. Give one of our own Nord smiths enough time with a good quantity, and he’ll produce weapons to live in legend forever!”

Posted at the Temple entrance

Temple Schedule, 3rd Morning Star

Welcome, pilgrims and outlanders alike! We invite you to participate in the following Temple lectures and services on this day:

Dawn – The Interplay of Humility and Valor

Mid-day – How to Know What You Fight for: Guidance from the Saints

Dusk – Examining the Homilies, Part 3

Midnight – Selected Readings from the Lessons of Vivec

Please observe all Temple rules and behave with the proper respect and reverence. Appropriate customary donations can be purchased at licensed merchants near the Temple grounds.

The Boy Who Became a Kagouti, traditional Dark Elven tale

There was once an unruly boy who refused to respect his elders.

“Eat your bittergreens,” commanded his mother, and the boy said, “I won’t!”

“Bow your head to your ancestors,” commanded his father, and the boy said, “I won’t!”

And so it went, day and night, until one afternoon when the boy explored the nearby fen. He smelled the scent of sweet yam pie and followed it to a strange house. The pie sat unattended on the sill and he made to grab it when an old man came forth.

“Leave my pie be!” commanded the wizard, and the boy said, “I won’t!”

“If you wish to behave like a wild kagouti, then so be it!” cried the wizard.

Just like that, the boy became a kagouti. He ran back to his home and roared in despair, but his father chased him away with a shovel, for everyone knows kagouti are dangerous and diseased. Never again would he play with his friends or enjoy his favorite treats. Don’t make the same mistake as the boy who became a kagouti.

The journal of Mehra Nerendas, Tribunal Temple

“Tribunes show mercy on my weak soul. I have begged leave from my duties to cloister myself and treat my heretical thoughts by copying sacred texts. How could I question the path Almalexia has laid out for us? A wicked seed has taken root in me, and I must purge it!

Since the signing of the Pact I have felt it, the gnawing and insidious doubt. The thoughts that maybe—dare I write it—Almalexia steers the Dunmer wrong in allying with two races of lesser stock, our former blood enemies and slaves. For shame! My faith is weak, and I am pathetic. I do not deserve to be among my brothers. I shall return to copying Their teachings and will not stop until this filth is expunged from my mind!”

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