Elder Scrolls Online: Interactive Map Texts: Bangkorai

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From the journal of Guradai, apprentice smith

Maybe it wasn’t so stupid to come here, after all. Mother thought I was crazy, an Orc apprenticing among Redguards, but I’ll prove her wrong. We have so much we can learn from each other, even though we have our differences. 

Both of our cultures have respect for forging fine weapons and armor, we’re both proud and stubborn, and even though our styles are different, we value skill in combat. I have already learned new things about forging swords I never even thought of from Master Romasad, and there is much more to learn!

Letter from Alumezi, Dominion spy

The Bretons may have magic and sweet words, and the Orcs their giant muscles and loud yelling, but the Redguards’ discipline and fervor must be noted. Together, they could be strong, but this one thinks they are not always together.

Cracks form where the cultures meet, and the Redguards have pride that can make them quite stupid. We can exploit it, drive wedges in. There are some who wish to stand up and speak truth, but they could become these wedges. So long as we give them no reason to strengthen their bonds, they will prove a simple conquest; they are ready to hate their allies, especially the Orcs. Another report will come soon, once suitable wedges have been confirmed.

Matteo Gavendier’s personal checklist

Remember to do all of this every day, just as the smith advised. I have spent too much on this armor to allow it to fall into disrepair like the last. Do not be a disgrace! Think of what father would say if you don’t take care of it!

1. Shake every piece to remove the sand.

2. Scrape off any that’s caked on. 

3. Apply just a little of the oil from the smith.

4. Shine each plate carefully with a clean rag.

If it manages to get wet in a flash storm, dry it as soon as possible—especially the joints. And don’t forget to wash the padding and under-tunic!

Notes of Maeva Coutenan, explorer

Bangkorai’s variety is astounding. The lush northern region around Evermore is simply teeming with plants I’ve never seen. I’ve pressed several specimens in my journeybook. I’ve likewise taken several soil and rock samples. 

Part of me cannot wait to get home so that I might put them all on display, but I also feel a great love for this beautiful landscape. I have seen many breathtaking vistas in my travels, but the rugged wilderness here speaks to my very soul. I am reluctant to leave. My journey takes me next to Hallin’s Stand and then southward. I am warned that the pleasant wilds give way to a quite inhospitable desert, so I shall return to Evermore soon to prepare. Though I’ve been told I’ll need a guide, I’m certain that an experienced explorer such as myself will encounter no issue, even if I haven’t ever traveled such a desert before. Wish me luck, journal!

Notes of Shamiyad, trader

Another attack by Reachmen! What could be driving them? We fended the filthy lunatics off, but one of my guards took a wound in the gut from one of those thrice-cursed barbed swords. Probably poisoned. We’ve given him what curatives we had, but I don’t think he’ll make it and I cannot stop tonight, not when they might regroup and attack again. We make for Hallin’s Stand, but this may well be our last trip to Evermore. Ruptga’s blade, those repulsive Daedra-worshipers are getting bold. Are we that hard-pressed to defend our borders?

Recipe from Desert Delicacies

Seared Venomsteaks


Meat of 1 giant scorpion
Fire salts
Ground golden poppy
1 skin pomegranate wine
2-3 Tava’s teardrop peppers


Remove stinger and set venom sac aside. Boil 2 parts water, 2 parts wine, and 1 part drained venom along with peppers. Ensure fire is very hot, and allow mixture to reduce. Meanwhile, cut scorpion meat into fist-size steaks around 3 fingers thick. Season with salt and ground golden poppy, then sear in a hot pan until dark on each side. Cover with reduced sauce and eat.

Shadya af-Abia, innkeeper

“I don’t want trouble, but things are changing and people don’t feel safe. I hear it all the time, people with farms torched by the Reachmen in the north and the worry that the Imperials are coming from the south to stir up trouble here, too. And what is the Covenant doing about it? Nothing I’ve seen yet—nothing any of us around here have seen.

We want to protect our families, and wouldn’t you? We don’t have much, maybe; we’re not rich like those in Wayrest and we’re certainly not comfortable and safe like those in Sentinel, but we’ll protect our own, whether King Fahara’jad or High King Emeric help us or not.”

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