Elder Scrolls Online: Interactive Map Texts: Bal Foyen

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Comments of Nilmila Aravel, guar-herd

“Outlanders aren’t usually prepared when they visit Morrowind for the first time. They marvel, jaws agape, at the towering fungi, cough in the ash-filled winds, and are frightened by many of the native creatures—particularly the insectoid kwama, floating netches, and the many two-legged reptilian beasts. 

They often balk at our traditional foods, too, I’ve noticed. Their response to scuttle, our beetle-cheese, is humorous. To us Dark Elves, though, there is no better home; this is the place our ancestors followed Saint Veloth across Tamriel to claim so long ago. Adapting to its challenges and prevailing over it has forged us, made us stronger than those from the other regions of Tamriel. We would prefer no other land.”

Conversation with An-Meeus

“A life cocooned in a building of stone? My scales itch with irritation. It makes no sense. Why spend so much time cutting, carving, hammering, and lifting when the effort is reclaimed by the swamp in the end? Why remove oneself from the soft mud, hiding from the blessings of sun and sweet soil? Better, we know, to use these gifts, for sun-hardened earth to shelter us, to stay moist and happy in simple dwellings. Swift to build and rebuild, warm and damp inside, no more is needed.”

Guargut Muddle


Innards of one guar
One segment scuttle
One large kwama egg 
Two to three ash yams
One jug Mazte

Locate and remove stomach flange and discard bloat sac. Clean remaining innards, stuff with scuttle, and fry briefly in a pan over roaring flame until scuttle begins to melt and change color. In a large pot over weak flame, combine one part Mazte, one part water, prepared innards, and ash yams (cut into small pieces). Crack kwama egg over top. Cover and cook until thick and soft.

Letter from an Indoril Retainer

Kinswoman Suldryn,

I arrived ahead of schedule in Bal Foyen to begin my survey, and completed a thorough tour of the area. This small region of the Stonefalls has little of note beyond Fort Zeren, which I inspected. The fort is in decent repair, and it is garrisoned appropriately for the area’s relative calm. The soldiers stationed here are fit and alert, and train regularly, I am assured. Some small farming settlements, established by Argonians freed from slavery by the Pact, are nearby. Shabby mud huts have been built up near their guar pens, an eyesore in otherwise fine land. Should there be any significant trouble here, the fort may require reinforcement, but it should be adequate to protect the area and the small civilian population for now. There is little else to report, so I will be moving on shortly.

May the Three Guide You,
Bandusil Falvani
Retainer, House Indoril

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