Erwan’s Journal

Author: Erwan
Released In:

Book added by Alternative Armor – Daedric Mail from the Creation Club

My new friend Gunther and I are getting along quite well. The other bandits are already getting jealous. He really was a fine gift. I should thank my brother Edward before I slit his throat.

The thing I like best about my good friend Gunther? He can keep a secret. I tell him all sorts of juicy tidbits and he never says a thing. He reminds me of my old companion Skjol, and the time we nearly got murdered by a Daedric cult. There was a ton of good loot in that place. Haunted artifacts, blood sacrifices, things that make lesser men want to hug their priest.

Nothing that would frighten off Gunther though. He’s quite stoic, sitting in his chair. On top of that, he gets along with everyone. It doesn’t matter if they’re short people, fat people, tall people, or cat people. That’s the thing about my old friend Gunther, he doesn’t judge.

Anyways, when I got to Skyrim, I sold most of the loot we piled up over the years, seeing as wanted men have to travel light. The heaviest piece I sold was a set of Daedric mail, to a caravan Khajiit named Ma’dran. I liked that armor, but in the end I had no choice but to get rid of her. She knows what she did.

Besides, if I wanted to get her back, I could always trade something of equal value, like the Ring of Masser I ripped off the merchant at the Crescent Moons Inn way back when. Me and the furballs, we have history.

The ring is worth at least two sets of armor, or twenty pairs of boots. It can fortify your illusion magic, just like the books say. The books get a lot right, even the parts about me, except I’m much prettier and taller in real life.

Either way, I don’t need to cast spells to run this new crew. So I’ll let my best friend Gunther wear the ring. I think it looks really good on him.

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