Erden Relvel’s Note

Author: Erden Relvel
Released In:

This book was included in Ghost of The Tribunal from the Creation Club

I was told that without the masks, the gate would not open, but the priests underestimate my master’s will.

It was Dagoth Ur who opened the gate, and beckoned me forward. And when I wear his face, I speak his truth, and from his words I spawn the cure that will spread across the world.

My temple brother, Arthamis, was the first to receive its blessing. His once melancholy face has been carved into the most delightful shape, and his mouth stitched into a comely smile. He must be quite pleased with the changes, as I have heard no complaints. I feel now that he is truly happy.

You may have already met him – slain him with Her Hand. Perhaps you have met all my master’s little pets as they descended on Her temple. I knew this would happen. For there must come a time when the Tribunal’s champion will challenge my master, as the Nerevarine once did.

The Tribunal has three heads, and you wear them all. And so, by opening the way, you are worthy of dying by my master’s hand.

Come to the graveyard by Tel Mithryn. My master’s creatures will dine on you there.

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