Eranya’s Research Notes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Eranya

This book was included in Goldbrand from the Creation Club

10 Sun’s Height

I have arrived at the College of Winterhold, who have generously allowed a fellow academic to make use of their vast library. A good thing, as even in the short ride from Sivdur’s Respite north of Windhelm, I feel chilled down to my very bones. I now search for the means to gain entrance to Sivdur’s tomb using the faint inscriptions found near the entrance.

My objectives are to discover where Sivdur’s amulet might be found, as well as the burial site of Sivdur’s nemesis, Magrathi. I shall start with texts on ancient Nord heroes and work backwards from there.

13 Sun’s Height

No luck thus far. Discouraging, but I will not dispair. The answers lie in these walls somewhere.

14 Sun’s Height

A breakthrough! It has been recorded that Sivdur’s amulet has traditionally been passed down from father to son for generations. If my tracing of the lineages is correct, the current living desendants of Sivdur are the Battle-Borns, a clan that resides in the city of Whiterun. If this is true, then Sivdur’s amulet is likely possessed by the youngest Battle-Born son, one Lars Battle-Born. I must inquire with them.

19 Sun’s Height

Details are sparse, but Magrathi appears to have once been an influential priest of the dragon cult. He seems to have slain Sivdur’s brother over rightful ownership of a silver mine. He is said to have been laid to rest in Shroud Hearth Barrow near Ivarstead.

I will now return to Sivdur’s Respite, take some additional notes, and then travel east to Windhelm where a few good sellswords might be found that can help me with this treacherous undertaking.

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