Eranya’s Notes on Sivdur’s Tomb

Author: Eranya
Released In:

This book was included in Goldbrand from the Creation Club

7 Sun’s Height

I have arrived. The entrance of Sivdur’s tomb remains impressively intact. I hope that the interior remains equally well-preserved. That is, assuming Titus Mede II elected not to pillage the entire ruin over two decades ago when Goldbrand was allegedly returned to Sivdur’s side. One can only hope he exercised restraint.

It appears that the burial chamber is locked using an ancient mechanical system, and only by placing the correct objects on the pedestals flanking the chamber’s entrance will the path open. Fascinating!

I must research where to find the relics required to open the chamber. I shall return when I have more answers.

23 Sun’s Height

The inscriptions relate to two ancient relics. The first is Sivdur’s amulet, inscribed with the symbols of his rank and other honorifics. The second is the skull of Sivdur’s betrayer and lifelong enemy, Magrathi. Sivdur, never having exacted revenge in his time, now calls out to us from the beyond to defile his enemy’s resting place, and place the skull near his sacred burial chamber as a sort of trophy. Morbid, but not uncommon for the period.

I now go out in search of the relics that will lead to the opening of the tomb. I have left my notes where I conducted my research, in the Arcanaeum in the College of Winterhold. If some ill fate were to befall me, perhaps another may continue the search.

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