Epistle on the Spirits of Amun-dro Vol 3

Author: Thava-ko

Thava-ko sings now a song of Riddle’Thar. Let its sweetest truth rest upon Thava-ko’s tongue.

Now Thava-ko thinks on the Path.

The ancient Amun-dro’s catalog of spirits offers us little more than vagaries when it comes to moral action. This comes as no surprise. In truth, the First Mane’s epiphany had little to do with the aged stories of kingdoms past. Before Riddle’Thar, priests and adepts busied themselves deciphering the arcane ramblings of ancient prophets—gleaning precious little from vast and crumbling archives. How like pearl divers they were! Prying open countless ugly shells in the vain hope of finding some tiny treasure within.

You must ask yourselves, what profits a Khajiit to puzzle over such a text? You who wield the scythe. You who drive the wagons. You who work the forge. Do these tales of cosmic import bring you solace in your darkest moments? When you turn to thievery to feed a sick child, or watch your father whip your brother for a sin you committed, or struggle under the heel of a foreign oppressor, what guidance can you find in these old myths? They speak of “paths” and “laws,” but Amun-dro’s path is little more than this: obedience. Slavish devotion to our distant mother, Azurah. Deference and respect for darkest spirits of Oblivion. Tangled, contradictory virtues that threaten to send one tumbling whisker-first into the gaping maw of Lorkhaj. Amun-dro’s world is a world of woe—a swirling gyre of fate and darkness where the Khajiit have no voice beyond hymns of worship or screams of terror.

What of Llesw’er? What of joy, and good food, and honest labor? Riddle’Thar, as described by our blessed First Man, offers a true path. Better yet, it is a path you already know. The Two-Moons Dance whirls and reels in your heart, just as it always has since the moment of your birth. You needn’t look to the distant past. Look to the now, and the road ahead—tread clean by the paws of faithful pilgrims. Nirni’s bounty and the Sands of paradise are your birthright, Moon-child. Cast aside Amun-dro’s morbid tales and live a joyful life worthy of the Sugar God!

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