Kyne’s Challenge: Epilogue

THIS WAS MY DREAM. Repeating. Thanks to Kyne for providing this.

I wake with astonishment, in a warm bed. Ingjard is asleep on a cot across from me. My mind is bombarded with confusion. A dream? That could not be; it was more vivid than even my communions with Kyne. This journal lay by Ingjard’s hand. Turning to the last pages, where I write these last thoughts, Ingjard’s art already adorns them. And it displays the very events I experienced. How did she share this dream too?

Ah, but my ramble comes to an end.

I hear shouting from the streets outside the apothecary. Molag Bal’s fury is freed from Oblivion. Again? Great crashing noises announce the arrival of the dark anchors. My unconscious ordeal may be a preamble to my final fate.

The time has come; I must force back the pestilence from Tamriel, in Kyne’s name once more…

My final words.

2nd of Sun’s Height, 2E 581, Dune, Elsweyr

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