AFFresh: The Enlightenment Of Calicius

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After joining the Blades and speaking with Caius you are directed to speak to each of the blades trainers.



Orders: Orders? I don't have any orders to pass on. But you could ease my mind. A visitor from the Arcane University, Calicius Pontanian, came by a few weeks ago.

Calicius Pontanian: He was going to look for something in Nimawia Grotto. It can be a dangerous place, depending on the tides and the season. But he insisted on getting directions there. I haven't seen him since. Could you check up on him?

-Not right now: Well, let me know if you run across him.

-Agree to look for Calicius: Nimawia Grotto is underwater, just off the coast to the west.

Asking again: I'm still worried about him. Since he still hasn't shown up, he's probably dead. But it's still worth trying to find him or his body.


The player heads to Nimawia Grotto and finds Calicius swimming underwater.


Calicius Pontanian:

Glub glub glub?

-Try to speak to him: Glubglubglub glub glubbbrr?

-Try to motion him to come to the surface: Glub glub.


Having motioned him to the surface Calicius follows the player. Once surfaced you can speak to him properly.


Calicius Pontanian:

Why have you come? Is it to bring my bubble-message to the unenlightened?

Background: There is nothing behind me, but ignorance. And the Sload.

Calicius Pontanian: That was my slave name before the rarefied air gifted me with the seaworthy enlightenment. Please, calll me Yssswrrptbrbl. Softly! Listen! [whispers: yssswrrptbrbl, yssswrrptbrbl, yssswrrptbrbl]

Latest rumor: The conclave of dreugh-queens finally passed judgement on the wanderer.

Little advice: The hard part to be being underwater is inhaling. Exhaling is quite simple.

Little secret: No, I only speak the largest secrets. The tiny ones are far too dangerous.

My trade: I ponder. Yes, I am a ponderer. There are things I ought to be doing, but the air is stale.

Seaworthy enlightenment: I am a friend to the creatures of the sea. A great pearl is growing in my tummy. The slaughterfish feed me rumors. The dreugh whisper my name from their time-lost towers. The mudcrabs gather 'round me with their passion-proof shells. Nothing can stop my ascension, exept the sload and their magic-resistant infectious diseases.

bubble-message: A great pearl is growing in my belly. I must let it ripen in these dark waters, far from the sload, until the glistening foibles are vindicated.

Glistening foibles: Do they glisten? Are they vindicated? The first sign of my return. I ask again: have the glistening foibles been vindicated?

-Say No: Shame. Now leave me to my suffocating peregination.

-Say Yes: And where are teh Sload bound?

–Seyda Neen: No, no, no! Too close! Much too close! I must hide! The depths are not safe from their spawn, the mountains unsafe from their airships! Oh, where to go? Where to go?

–I don't know: Then you are useless. I should meditate on their departure.

–Far from here: I…how can I trust you after fourteen lifetimes of water holding you down? Plead your case, speaking bubble. Convince me.

–After persuasion: At last! I must seek the red woman. I must bring her the pearl. Lead me to her at once! We shall travel together, speech-bubble.

Asking again: What of them? I shall tell the red woman the terrible secrets of the sea.


Calicius will then follow the player all the way back to Seyda Neen and return him to Elone.



Calicius Pontanian: You found Calicius! He looks a bit worse for wear, but I”ll get him to a healer and hopefully he'll recover. I can spare a few potions from my supplies.

Asking again: I'll make sure he gets some treatment.

Orders: You found Calicius, and I can't think of anything else for you to do around here. Seyda Neen is a quiet town most of the time.


The player can talk to Calicius one last time before departing to get a gift.


Calicius Pontanian:

Bubble-message: A great pearl is growing in my belly. But I shall give you a lesser pear. Hyur. Hhhyurgh. Hyuuck! [Calicius coughs up a gem and hands it to you]

Asking again: The pearl grows and grows and grows.


The gem Calicius gives you is a lesser soul gem. Makes you ponder just what this greater pearl is in his belly. But alas that is a story for another day.


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