TES2 Daggerfall: Elysana’s Robe

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In the Wayrest Castle, there’s a certain unassuming girl on the left hand side of the throne room. She happens to be Princess Elysana, the only daughter of elderly King Eadwyre and his deceased wife, Carolyna. She does not actively try to recruit you for running her errands, but if you do approach her, there’s a little favour she wants you to do:

Hello, Qwerty. I am Elysana, King Eadwyre’s child and heir apparent to Wayrest. Perhaps you could help me out of a bit of an embarrassing predicament. The senior member of the elder council, my father’s good friend Lord Castellian, has left court on holiday and I forgot to return a cloak I borrowed from him. If it isn’t too much of a bore to you, would you mind bringing it to him in (castle)? I could offer you a lovely (jewel) as payment.

Note the “apparent heir” part. If she was a real heir, she would not have to bring it up like that. In fact, if you ask around, you’ll hear the following rumors:

  • Lord Castellian is backing legislation which will make Helseth heir apparent.
  • Princess Elysana is out of favor with the senior member of the elder council.

So, just as the Helseth’s blackmail quest, this task is about inheritance.

You find Lord Castellian, you give him the cloak. Strangely, as he puts it on, a lesser Daedra appears! Apparently, the cloak has been enchanted to summon a beast of Oblivion. And this was meant for Lord Castellian, not for you.

Here we face one of many shortcomings of Daggerfall. From the quest text, one would assume that the Daedra attacks and kills Lord Castellian, but you get all the blame. In my in-game experience, Lord Castellian would stand there as if nothing happened. The Daedra would not attack him. It would not attack you either. After some time, regardless whether you kill the Daedra or not, a warrior appears, accuses you of murder and attacks. Looks like this quest was somehow somewhere underdeveloped. If you experienced a different scenario, and happen to recall it well, you’re welcome to submit your account of events to me.

Regardless of outcome, when (and if) you get away and return to Princess Elysana, she gives you some information that is of no use to you until very much later: Oh, how marvelous you are. Here, let me give you the (jewel) I promised you. I hope Lord Castellian appreciates the extra work I put into the robe. It is a real attention getter now. Let me give you something more than the (jewel), Qwerty. My father is very interested in a certain ancient relic called the Totem of Tiber Septim. He has spies all over the place looking for it. When they find it, my father will need someone to secure it. Obviously, whoever he chooses will be fabulously well rewarded. I’ll give him your name. That is the least I can do.

Supposedly, this quest should be triggered by completion of the Helseth’s blackmail quest. So that the sequence of events is:

  1. Lord Castellian is on Elysana’s side;
  2. Helseth blackmails him into supporting his cause;
  3. Elysana plots against Castellian’s life.

In the game, these two quests seem to be independent.

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