Elsweyr My Love, Page 9

Shashara: [bravely] “Shashara is no camp trollop, to be ordered about by the likes of you. Unhand me, commander!”

Julius Cruilius: “Ha! You cats! You pretend to be aloof and haughty, but no woman, even a cat woman, can resist me, Julius Cruilius!

[Julius Cruilius tries to kiss Shashara, who hisses, scratches his face, and pushes him away]

Julius Cruilius: “Ha! Fiesty!”

[Shashara smashes a bottle of fine wine over Julius Cruilius’s head, who staggers, stunned, into the crowded tavern, which erupts into laughter as Shashara flees out the back]

Julius Cruilius: “How dare you laugh at Julius Cruilius!

[Crowd laughs harder as Cruilius exits, his anger and embarrassment both rising]

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