Elsweyr My Love, Page 52

Julius Cruilius: “Tigerius Falco, you did not follow my orders, but you will follow this one. I order you to be executed!”

Tigerius Falco: [tied and bound] “I did the right thing. You ordered the town burned because you were spur—”

Julius Cruilius: [shouting over Tigerius] “Archers! At the ready… and loose your arrows!”

Shashara: [runs in and leaps in front of Tigerious]: “Nooo!”

[Arrows pepper Shashara and she collapses at Tigerious’s feet.]

Tigerius Falco: [in horror] “Shasharrrra!”

[Tigerius drops to his knees next to Shashara.]

Shashara: [pained] “It was not… our fate… to be together. Perhaps another time… or elsewhere, my love.”

[Shashara dies.]

Tigerius Falco:”Noooooooooo!”

Julius Cruilius: “Archers! Another volley!”

[Arrows strike Tigerius Falco, who collapses, dead.]

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