Elsweyr My Love, Page 1

Elsweyr My Love: A Play

Cast of Characters
Julius Cruilius, an Imperial Commander
Tigerius Falco, a noble Imperial Soldier
Shashara, a beautiful green-eyed Khajiit dancer

Act 1, Senchal Palace

Julius Cruilius [commanding]: “Bid the green-eyed one come to me!” [sips wine]

Shashara [bowing gracefully, her silken scarves fluttering delicately]: “What does the illustrious commander of the Imperial forces want of this humble Khajiit dancer?”

Julius Cruilius: “You are fair and graceful. Pity you were born of cat stock and not Imperial.”

Shashara: [keeping her eyes downcast]: “This one thanks you for… a compliment?”

Julius Cruilius: “Indeed. You will keep me company. You may even sit at my feet.” [Shashara sits gracefully, keeping her eyes averted]

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