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Elder Scrolls Style Game: BETA KEYS

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Summary: we are gearing up to a steam early access release of our game, an elder scrolls style RPG.

The game is first person, with an unvoiced protagonist.

It aspires more to the Daggerfall and Morrowind design ideals, but with top AAA graphics.




We are seeking beta participants. This is not marketing. This is to sample opinion on the game. In game readable books matter to us. As does setting and flavor. We think ours is good.

We want to sample opinion. If we have to pivot design, now is the time to do it. In early access. To do that, we want to find die-hard fans of this style of game.



The original team who made Oblivion and Skyrim are not at the developer anymore. Our view is a company is its people and not its brand name. We don't think TES6 will hit the same ‘feel’ and vibe of what made the elder scrolls games good. Hence it makes sense to nurture an alternative, just in case.




Post here, with questions. If you feel the forum is trustworthy and secure, we are quite amicable to chat here and post steam beta keys here directly. Please note - THESE ARE NOT FOR RESALE-. They are locked into being beta access keys.



As it relates to setting and story: 30 ingame readable books, with turnable pages that exist as objects to be picked up in the game world. Each is between 800 – 1700 words as of the games Whiterock update. More are added with each update. Steam early access launch date is nebulous, maybe 2 months time. So there will be a full elder scrolls style ‘paper’ map in-game then (ask us about it). And another 10 books.




No catch. But. The better we do, the more updates and content get added. Think of it as ‘what if TES6 is like fallout 76’. Then there is a choice, and a replacement.

So all we ask is, if you like it, when you play the beta, become a champion of some form of the project.



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I wont post a single bit of information about the game unless the mods / site owners ask. Then I will.

But we can post steam keys here without actually mentioning the game, if that suits.

Some game'y bits to wet appetites that its a 'real' project, not an indi-mank-fest

Examples of in-game shenanigans like lock-picking and archery in the Whiterock update.


In-game combat. we think the game has the pretty even at pre early access stage.

the look and feel of ingame readables,


I'm Mark, one of the main developers and a director of  (can say if mods/site owners want to know or want us to say).


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P.S. we are an INDIE. With a small team. We've come as far as you can see above self funded. Its not that publishers are not interested, we havent asked any yet. Its in the works behind closed doors.

This is the very first website and community we've ever reached out to for the project, so the world does not yet know of it.

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To finish we'll paste in some text from 2 pre-beta books.

Not the best, but it gives a little idea. the better ones need to be found in-game. That said, i like 'the dark miracles', the 2nd story.



The Trilperium Truth
by Nicholas Varcona


The truth of the Trilperium is the ultimate truth and we all know it deep in our hearts. How can we go against a gift from the skies, a gift of the Ultimels, the Ultimate Elves?


Many get angry with the prohibition of the druidic circle and the magic of Lydians, but let me tell you this, and I say it with certainty. The Druidic Circles are the embodiment of evil, the ones who are to blame for our current state. How many of you have ever met a Lydian or a Leaf Elf? I bet only but a few. Why don’t they come and join our civilization and stray away from us and the ultimate rules of the Trilperium? I’ll tell you why. Because they dwell in secrecy, performing their god-forsaken rituals to satisfy the demons of this world.


Since the age of Soulash, the druids ruined our cities and massacred our lands. Many say that the druids are descendants, not of Matron Magluna Mother, which we respect and love, but Konsouhl the prince of the underworld. They want you to believe that Magluna, our beloved mother and goddess of the land is their goddess, but they have tricked you. They mask their prayers and pray to Konsouhl, the one who will bring the destruction of the world. I can tell you for sure that kids go missing in the forest because Konsouhl eats children like treats, and the druidic circles are the ones feeding them to him.


And if you don’t want to trust me on the druidic circles, let us see the story of the Lydians. Proud knights who got disbanded and scattered into the forests. ‘The Trilperium forced them to do this’ they say, but the Trilperium offered them a chance to join them and they refused. That is the truth.


But I don’t want to discredit them more than they deserve. If you ever see a druid you must report it to the Trilperium guards because that very druid could be the one who takes your child’s soul and feeds it to Konsouhl. Beware.


And we should address the matter of the Occupation Courts which is the ultimate form of Law in the lands of Greylaw.

I hear you nag and complain about the current state of the Courts. “Why are all the courts controlled by Ultimel” and you say anecdotes and jokes like “The court only values the Ultimel the Ultimel and the Ultimel.”

But I ask you with all my might and wit. Why leave the laws and justice to those who don’t know how to use it? Would you trust a child with a sword? No! You take the sword and slay your enemies and protect your child.

Isn’t that what the Trilperium is doing? Protecting all its children with its divine knowledge of the truth?


I have seen courts of men and courts of justice without the Trilperium. They all have errors in their ways. The true criminals are left walking in the streets while innocent people end up in jail. Why do we want that, when the Trilperium offers the best for us? Why don’t we embrace that gift? I myself have been trialed in the past for my books and the Trilperium gave me a voice once again because it values the TRUTH.


One last thing I want to address is the new Time System and what it stands for all of us. You all say “The new system is outlandish and eerie.” and I ask you. How do you know what is best for you? Don’t you have your shops to run, your jobs to fulfill? How can a man, like you and me, take the best decisions for his life when he spends most of his life working? The Trilperium knows better because they spent their lives studying what is best. Shouldn’t we live those small decisions to them, for our lives to be better and precise?


I am certain with the power that comes with my quill as I write this book, that all of your lives are better now and if not now, they will get better with the progress of time. The Trilperium knows what we need and offers it before we ask for it. Wouldn’t it be bad if one day we realize that their Time System is better, precise or impeccable? Wouldn’t it be too late then, when its creators would be absent? I say to you and all of you, that we should embrace those changes like if they were a gift from the gods because that’s what they are. The Trilperium knows better than us because that’s what they were elected to do.


I will finish this book with a story to disband all the rumors about the Trilperium and shed a light on all the darkness. Many believe that the Trilperium came into Greylaw by force and took over what we hold most dearly in our hearts. But I believe when I tell you this story, all of you would agree with me that we invited the Trilperium in our lives.


About twenty years ago, a war broke out, a war we all remember well, the War of the Ancients, also called the Greywar. For those who don’t remember, the orders of the knights along with the ‘Leaf Elves’ were the ones to rebel against the order and the values of our land. They decided it was time to take what was ‘theirs’ by us; steal it from hard-working humans. They raided and plundered our villages to get our attention and we stood frozen like statues as they massacred our people.

All of the great nations and organizations were against them, but no one had the power to stop this wicked bond. The Blood Brothers hid in the shadows, the Masons were scattered in the cities and the barons of each land abstained from the war even though their villages were burnt to the ground.

Who were they who stopped this wicked force that tried to overtake our own power? It was the Trilperium and their Occupation Courts.

The barons of the land signed treaties and the kings of each nation welcomed them into our lives because they knew that the Ultimels were those who could fix our broken state and win the war.

The Trilperium was invited by all the organizations. They didn’t overtake our banks, we funded their noble cause. They didn’t just rule our most beloved kingdoms; they had a saying on what was right and what was wrong. And this is the truth about the Trilperium.

Few of you might remember it, but this is not the first time the Trilperium comes in our aid. There was another Trilperium before the one we experience today and the Trilperium always comes to restore the wickedness when the times are dire.


I say with all my heart, the Trilperium is the saviors of this land and the ones who will restore us back to the peak of our civilization and the world and every world. Because that is what the Trilperium does. Like the wrath of our beloved Magluna mother, when the night is the darkest, a light needs to shed through the dark veil that covers our own eyes, and that light is the Trilperium.

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The Dark Miracles



These words are penned so that others who seek to tread the paths of the dark gods may have a guide. I will start first with my patron master, Ogodoaad.


Know, Ogdoaad is god of disorder and riots. His name means 'imitating waves' in the language of darkness. Within his Deom it is said one can look down, at a riot of followers so large it spans from horizon to horizon, and that their motions resembles waves of the sea. It is said this Human Sea is always visible, one only needs to climb high enough to see it. It is said Ogodoaad is a poet and writes his poems in the waves of the Human Sea.

To enter into his realm at all, one must gain his favour. They who revel with Ogdoaad must party, drink and riot like beings possessed. Only then will Ogdoaad change them into the shape of an ale bottle, so they can fit through the Bottle Shaped Door to his Deom, (a dark domain). A hundred and nineteen ways to wrestle and riot are instructed to all Supplicants who arrive. A Supplicants fees to Ogdoaad are the squashed-flat bodies of they who fall in each nightly Riot that tears across his Deom. In Ikloksa, the language of dark beings, Ogdoaad is revered as a creator of words, and many words for suffering and harm stem from his mouth.

It is one of the dark miracles of all creation to scale the heights to one of few vantage points in his Deom, and get high enough to see the waves of Ogodoaad, and the Human Sea. It is said a mass of bodies the size of an entire continent can be seen rioting at once. Many supplicants try the climb. The rock outcrops are sharp and few among the rioting bodies. Most supplicants end up in the Flat Graves of the God of Riots, squashed-flat by the feet of their fellows.

Within his Deom it is Ogodoaad’s pleasure that every 2nd day is a month long and celebrates the month of 'Riot' that is specific to Ogodoad. Each second day lasts one month long for those who reside within his Deom. Yet only one day passes in the world outside, thus within the mortal realm. If one lives, and avoids the Flat Graves, the Diom of Ogodoad lets a supplicant live much longer than other men. Few do. For those that survive and who can read the Poems of Ogodoaad in the waves of the Human Sea, his Deom is a paradise unlike any of the Aweides.


Know, Zvaig-Zdes is god of dark secrets. He who can penetrate anything. His name in the dark tongue Ikloksa means 'the unseen thing that can most easily penetrate everything'.

His Deom is three hundred and thirteen thousand bookcases each with three hundred and thirteen books, floating in orbit around a great central index. From afar it looks like a planet with a gigantic ring of bookcases rotating around it in a plane.

Within the central index, nestled among foul, dark treasures, are Three hundred and Thirteen doors. Each leads to an identical realm or three hundred and thirteen thousand bookcases. Each realm contains with differing books and topics. Each of the three hundred and thirteen door-realms only has only one index at the very centre. It is said Zvaig- Zdes hides in a hidden ream called The Master Index. Or perhaps, Zvaig Zdes is itself the master index. One needs to follow an exact sequence of doors from the sub libraries to find the master hub. To stand in the master index is to see millions of bookcases of all sub-realms rotating around the master index at once. It is one of the dark miracles of all creation to look out from the master index.


Know, Dark Hezheg is the god of skulls. He shall be seen in his realm, also known as his Deom, on a mount of skulls as high as the largest mountain. A million supplicants a day from all realms are allowed to climb the Deom of Hezheg. The tread and climb the skull mountain. They who fall, as nine hundred and ninety nine thousand mortals will, each day, catch fire at night and burn until they become another skull on the skull mountain of Dark Hezheg. Its said to be one of the dark miracles Of All creation to watch the dark Deom of Hezheg, from afar, to see a mountain lit with ninety nine thousand mortals burning like torches. If you’re far enough not to hear screams, of they who burn alive. The few who make the climb are granted the favours of Hezheg.



Know, Konsouhl is god of hunger and cannibals. Called The Tongue who Glides Over One. His origins are lost in the midst of time. Rituals of Konsoul involve forced self starvation for 3 weeks with no food. The supplicant may drink only rancid river water. After three weeks there are then gluttonous feasts, where the Supplicant eats the flesh of the Living.

Priests of Konsouhl craft palaces and temples of living flesh. Artists among them will only use a single body part. It is said there is a vast and opulent palace of tongues, and a temple made with only ears of all living races.

Some priests of Konsouhl are starved and some are Obese. The priests live as symbiotes, the starved only eat the flesh of the obese priest, once a week. It is said that the obese priest will eat all men and beings, to prepare himself for the feast of the starved.

Konsouhl encourages closeness between his priests, and the symbiosis is so strong should one priest fall, the other will most often take his own life. Starving himself to death or eating until his internal organs rupture.

All priests of Konsoul are symbiotes and one of a pair. To his cult, eating the flesh of another provides tenderness and respect.

It is said that Ogodoaad was once his brother and that Ogogoaad was once called ‘The Tongue who Glides Over All’. In time it may have been that Ogodoaad chose to nurture mankind and to write his poems in the Human Sea. As Ogodoaad chose not to eat humans, there was a falling out and then enmity. It is said Konsouhl and Ogodoaad are now bitter rivals. Perhaps it is the pain of broken symbiosis, felt only by Konsouhl. It is said all schemes of Konsouhl are focused on the goal of one day eating the entire Human Sea.

It is said that finding and entering the palace made of organs of all creatures who have ever lived, and shouting curses at ‘The Tongue who Glides Over All’ will gain the favours of Konsouhl.

Others say that symbiotic love of the most profound kind, so deep that flesh of one flows into flesh of the other, is the only true way to gain the favours of Konsouhl; and that this is the root of his cannibalism.



Know, Meltha Gork is god of silence and of assassins. Meltha Gork is also wrongfully called the tongue who glides over all. That was, in truth, the forgotten name of Ogodoaad.

Meltha Gork was originally an Orck god and a member of the Aweides, or good gods. His fall mirrors the fall of the Orckish race. The Orcks are said to have fallen from being the worlds best mages to being what they are today. Perhaps the Orck addiction to power is the root of the fall of Meltha Gork. An Orck becomes addicted to magic upon the very first moment they use it. Yet the more they use it, the less magical they become. Those who can control themselves, could live as arch-mages, yet none have ever done so. Some say Meltha Gork is only dreaming. They say his dark deeds are only his nightmares made manifest in the world.


It is said that each Rah-Orck, or 'Orck in good standing', from the Orckish translation, is like a flicker of light in his dream. It is said when enough Rah-Orck are present in the world that one day Meltha Gork will wake from his tragic sleep. The he will once again be Aweides.

Others claim when the Orckish race resurges and one again uses magic, Meltha Gork Will awaken from his nightmare.. But, now, his nightmares trap him, and make him the god of silence and assassination. No-one knows his plan for why or who will be slain, or if he will ever awake.

A feral Orcks ability to survive impossible odds is said to be a last gift from Meltha Gork before his descent into darkness.

It is said that at the centre of his Deom is the Chamber of Silence. The chamber is rumoured to show the history of Meltha Gork and how he ceased to be an Orck but remain one. Perhaps in ceasing to be an Orck but remaining one, an Orck can use his magic with impunity. For if he cannot truly fall from being an Orck. Yet in remaining one he can use his powers. Perhaps this is the truth of the dark fall of Meltha Gork. Perhaps when he no longer needs power, and his children are renascent he will once again be only an Orck, and without magic once again.



Know also, there are gods that are outside my knowledge. Few can truly know and understand the secrets of all such diverse beings in one life. The boon of lifespan, as I looked up on the Human Sea and saw the poetry of Ogodoaad has enabled my understanding of these gods so far.


Know then that there is also:


Ayrah goddess of blood, herbs and poisons. She who bathes in blood and in poison. Her bath is said to be of all of the poisons and of the blood of all races barring the Ultimel. It is unknown why the Ultimel are not present. She is known to hate and to loathe all Ultimel. It is one of the dark miracles of all creation to tip off the Ultimel as to the location of a coven of Ayrah worshippers.


Magluna goddess of hunting, and lynching. Her supplicants know that not everything hunted is animal. Magluna is thus also the goddess of lynching.


There is also Elfrage. He is said to be the elf god of unstoppable anger.


There are also rumours of a god that should not be. That something was created by the Mallomel in the last days of the war. A thing that sucks the life from men, and cannot itself die. I do not know its name. It is said something similar was once worshipped in a far off land called Logan.


Know there are also the unnatural and strange gods: Bek Morrai and Desmos.

The tentacle god Bek Morrai is said to send his chosen spawn, the Planar Cutholin’s and Cutholin Magisters to the realm of mortals. There they scheme and tempt new supplicants. It is said that the Cutholin is a creature placed upon the head of a human or elf supplicant of Bek Morrai. And that the Cutholin eats the supplicants flesh and then animates his bones as its eternal transportation. Should you see a man made of walking bones with a tentacle beast upon its head, this is a planar Cutholin. It is favoured minion of Bek Morrai. Some claim the Cutholin work for Ogodoaad and the other dark gods, but this is a lie. The Deom of Bek Morrai is said to house many portals and gates to dread and terrible worlds.

The god Desmos is unknown to me.





p.s. Many try the climb of darkness, and most end up in the Flat Graves. The planes abound with dark miracles for those who live.




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The Perils of Darkness
by Leo Vandash

This is my memories of the Dark Sun. I want someone to hear me but everyone thinks I am crazy. I am writing this journal in hope that someone will be saved. If you read this, you must stay away from the Black Sun pendants. They are the curse. They are evil. This is not Trilperium propaganda.

I was walking by the Colerun river, within the Greylaw. It was another dull day of work. Many timbers to be cut into smaller pieces. My food was stale and smelly but it seemed tasty after a hard day’s work. I decided to have a walk before heading home to my Caoimhe and my little Thoros. A godforsaken walk.

I could feel the cold breeze comb my hair. The smell of the river was soothing, calming my nerves. Through the pebbles of the shore, I saw a small pendant. A black sun with gold eyes in the middle. It was beautiful, captivating. It would be a beautiful gift for Caoimhe I thought. Silly me.

I looked around. I didn’t want to steal it. There was no one. No one would miss it and if someone did I could always give it back. I stuffed it in my mantles and kept walking. As I strolled through the city I heard a voice behind me, at the back of my head. “Not, worthy,” the voice said. I turned around but there was no one. “Excuse me?” I said but the street was as silent as the night. I kept walking and the voice talked to me again. “Not worthy,” he said again.

His voice echoed in my mind. I couldn’t hear my thoughts as he kept saying I was not worthy. I ran back home. I needed some sleep. I was losing it. I got home fast and noticed my door open. Unusual for Caoimhe to leave the door open. I didn’t know that time it was the demon that entered my home.

I pushed the door with a gentle tap. It squeaked open. I looked inside. “Caoimhe?” I shouted but no answer. “Thoros?” I asked again but still no answer. I took a step inside the foyer. The smell of sulfur and coal clouded my mind. “Not worthy,” he said again. “STOP!” I shouted and he laughed. His laugh made my head tremble and ache like the sting of a thousand bees. I looked around terrified. I thought I was possessed and I was right.

I ran to the main room, but it was empty. The fireplace had a dark fire burning in it. It was like the fire drew the flames instead of casting them around me. I had to find them. I couldn’t leave. I searched our rooms and when I came back to the main room, the fire was back to normal. I rubbed my eyes. Was I that mad?

Honey, we are in the basement,” I heard her voice fill the main room and my heart. I ran downstairs but it was a grave mistake. DO NOT FOLLOW THE VOICE.

I walked down the stairs and what I saw still haunts me and will haunt me to the end of my days. A dark marble statue was built in my basement. Caoimhe and Thoros were polishing it with wet rugs.

I hugged them, but they didn’t say anything. They didn’t know I was there. The basement looked darker. The torches had black flames. “Kill them and be worthy. Leave and you’ll live in madness.” The voice trembled in my head.

I ran with all my might. I ran away from the place. The voice still speaks to me. I threw the pendant back in the river, but every night it reappears in my hands. I need help.


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I'm interested.

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Do you have a website? I can't commit any time, but I would like to lurk.

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I'm also interested! Aunt Sotha here, just with an username I returned to. It took me long enough to reply here, but I was busy, sorry.

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Stygies VIII wrote:

I'm also interested! Aunt Sotha here, just with an username I returned to. It took me long enough to reply here, but I was busy, sorry.

Can I get a link to their site please? I only see their steam page...