Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor Preview — Answering Your Questions

April 4, 2020
Written by: Lady Nerevar

I wanted to wrap up our coverage of Greymoor by doing a short Q&A session to answer some of the lore related questions you may have had. This preview is a bit spoilery, so click through if you'd like to know more! 

Any mentions of the Dragon Cult?

Plenty, both ancient and contemporary. I didn't find much with new information about the historical cult, but they do play a part in several quests and feature in some books. Since all their content is in side quests, it’s very possible that I missed things. There’s a nice callback (call forward?) to the rise of dragons in TESV, which I quite liked.

Any trace of Ancient Falmer?

The Falmer do make a return, but in their bestial (though less so than in TESV) forms instead of their elven ones. As in 2011, the average citizen of Skyrim doesn’t know anything about them and may not even believe they exist. I mostly ran into them as enemies, but it did feel like they may be central to a few side quests that I picked up but didn’t finish.

I'm interested in that Clever Woman and what things she had to say regarding herself.

I dealt with Old Mjolen, the Clever Woman, in the course of the main quest as well as the Morthal objective. In both quests she provided ancient/alternative magics to help us solve the problems at hand. She didn’t have too much to say about herself, outside of hinting at being very powerful and noting that most Nords fear and avoid her until they need her. Think of a hedge witch in early medieval Europe type and you’re pretty close.

She didn’t have much to say about the clever (wo)man tradition or ancient Nordic religion, if that’s what you’re wondering. It’s possible that I just did not encounter that line of dialog (when I asked her about herself she told me to come back later, though I was not able to in the time I had).

She lives in a cute little hut covered in herbs out in the swamp. 

Are there any new religious texts?

Yes! There were several about both modern and ancient worship in the build I played. There were also a couple priests in Solitude with interesting things to say.

What is the political landscape like between Western Skyrim with Ebonheart Pact?

Svargrim, the High King of Western Skyrim, isn’t a fan of Jorunn and the Pact at all. He, and, to a lesser degree, his court, seem more concerned with the potential of spies/assassins/an invasion from the Pact than they are about Reachmen or the oncoming Harrowstorms (though there’s other reasons for that, which I won’t spoil). Common citizens also seem to distrust their neighbors, though it seems to manifest mostly in comments on the differences between eastern and western culture.

Is western Skyrim dealing with Reachmen?

In addition to the Icereach clan, who are allied with the Grey Host and feature in the main quest of Greymoor, there are also several other mentions of historical and contemporary conflicts with Reachmen. I ran into one settlement quest that focused on it, though there may also be more.

I did not manage to find any examples of Reachmen who weren’t hostile. I hope that future content does give us more of their story, instead of always having them be capital-E Evil.

Are the vampires related to the Volkihar Clan?

No mention of the Volkihar in this Chapter that I know of (I prefer that, myself). We are told that Castle Greymoor has been held by many people over the years, which leaves some room for headcanon.

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