Elberon’s Journal

Author: Elberon Blackthorn
Released In:

Book added by Forgotten Season from the Creation Club

I’ve split the mercs into groups and explained how to disable the conduits in each season, using simple words for their infinitesimally small minds. To their credit, some of them decided to take notes.

It would be easier if they simply read the account of my previous expedition. Of course, doing so would make them aware of the horrible fate that befell their predecessors.

I’ve also told the men to be on the lookout for other curiosities, such as Dwarven insects, Dwarven mounts, and three Dwarven Crown masks we uncovered in our last foray.

However, the main prize in this tomb of inclement weather is the Turn of the Seasons, a magical spell that legends say is cast not by the spellcaster, but by the the weather itself!

Once you read this tome and are imbued with its power, they say the rain will grant you a silver tongue, as charming as a spring romance. Summer’s sweltering heat fills you with stamina when dressed in light armor, whereas winter’s snow offers a boon to heavy armor wearers. Meanwhile, the clouds are a gift to hunters, their bows cutting through the autumn wind.

Such a prize must be deep within the ruins, perhaps in the chamber of the one who orchestrated this unholy sky.

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