Ealcil’s Notes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Ealcil

Ealcil’s Notes, Page 1
Something’s building—something big. The air in Cat’s Eye Quay positively crackles. It’s nothing like the ancient energies at the Temple of the Mourning Springs. This is fresh, nearly bursting at the edges!The carvings on these bodies clearly has something to do with it. Ritual magic, perhaps? I must investigate further.
Ealcil’s Notes, Page 2

It’s no use. The rune-carvings are too deep into the subjects. None survive the process. Only the Maormer can tell me why these carvings matter, and they’ve proven somewhat resistant to my questioning.

The energies seem to flow toward the cave mouth at the end of Cat’s Eye Quay. Could there be a connection with those serpent-shaped totems? I must learn their secrets!

Ealcil’s Notes, Page 3

Exhilarating! The howling, the lightning—it’s all energy drawn to the “Storm Totems” in that cave. But when I tried to enter, those fool Maormer collapsed the entrance!

To any Dominion personnel who find the addled skooma-smuggler with these orders, I seek another way into the cave complex. Approach if you see me about the quay so I may requisition your services in my search.

— Ealcil

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