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Duvais, General


Appeared in: TEST: Shadowkey.

He was the Skyrim General during the the War of the Bend'r-mahk between Hammerfell and Skyrim. His troops attacked and occupied Hammerfell city of Dragonstar. The city of Dragonstar was split in two, the west was ruled and defended by Hammerfell and the east was Skyrim's territory. Until the end of the Third Era, the separation still exists and no indication that the city would be returned to Hammerfell.

The General Duvais made a strong base in the east of Dragonstar. He tried to destroy the Hammerfell force in Dragonstar west. He made a deal with some bandits to blockage the supply and reinforcement to Dragonstar west. However the hero of Azra Crossing turned the tide of war by destroying the bandits. At Loth'Na Caverns, General Duvais tried to kill the hero of Azra Crossing. He failed, and met his untimely end.