Drovos Research Notes 1

Author: Drovos Nelvayn

After many professional setbacks, I now believe I've found my calling to become, of all things, a kwama breeder. Still, this uncharted ground holds many possibilities. The science behind this field is pitiful, ineffective at worst and slow at best. My kwama breed must be stronger, healthier, longer lived. With my intellect I strive to create what will be, effectively, an entirely new race. A superior kwama, the likes of which Vvardenfell has never seen.

I've set up my research in the Matus-Akin Egg Mine, owned by grasping House Hlaalu. They'll accept any proposal that promises to earn them more gold. Myself, I have little interest in wealth. Gold is easy to come by, but it's a legacy I mean to build. My name will be remembered and revered by all when my research is complete.

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