Dreynis’s Notes, Entry 028

Author (in-game): Dreynis

My dear benefactor saw fit to liven up Gorne with a cadre of Daedra and I dare say he was right to do so. I didn’t realize how boring it was being tucked away all this time thumbing through dusty old books. Portal refraction this, dynamic planes walking that. Boring!

I can’t imagine what House Indoril would think if they saw the manor in the state it’s in, but that’s not my problem! I’m too busy chatting it up with my good friend Prismy. Prisma? Prisim? I’ll have to remember to ask the dear thing for its name.

Seems like only yesterday we first shared a pot of tea and since then, well, I’m not one to brag, but I dare say it has magnified my abilities tenfold. I can portal myself around the island with a flick of my wrist without even breaking a sweat.

With every summit crested I find myself at the base of yet another breakthrough. I may have come here in hopes of publishing, but now I can’t imagine ever revealing my precious prism to those stuffy mages. All of its secrets will be mine.

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