Dreynis’s Notes, Entry 007

Author: Dreynis

I refuse to put his name to paper. No matter the size of his gift, to include his name in any of my research would certainly condemn the entirety of it to the ramblings of a madman. But still.

The prism is as confounding as it is beautiful. My benefactor calls it the Prism of Moribund Sapience. I’ve found no record of it in my personal library and thus far inquiries to the libraries of Necrom have been fruitless. Though I dare not press the subject too firmly.

In trying to determine its structure, I lifted the prism toward the light of the sun. It was then that I saw its true beauty. The prism acts as a filter. A lens through which I can cut away the mundane and recognizable and reveal the unknown. The viscera and sinews of the magics that hold our plane together.

I believe this is just a fraction of what the prism offers. But first, tea. I could go for a nice cup of honeyberry tea or, ooh! Puckermint!

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