Dreynis’s Notes, Entry 001

Author (in-game): Dreynis

I have secured lodging in a House Indoril estate on the island of Gorne. And, while the island already houses an asylum for maddened wizards, the masters of the house have assured me complete and total privacy as I conduct my research. The irony is not lost on me, but I hope that this will be the change of pace that I need.

It pains me to admit that I have struggled to follow up on the discoveries of my youth. I made quite the name for myself as a young portal master on the forefront of magical research, but now—

Nevertheless, I feel that a breakthrough is on the horizon. Already I’ve reshaped the manor’s rotunda into a magical focus. By placing arcane foci around the room I have successfully created a conduit at the island’s center. From here I should be able to delve deeper into my portal magic research than I have before. And, with some luck, I’ll finally be able to show up the young Dreynis whose shadow I still find myself under.

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