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Dog Ate My Homework


This page contains three parts. The first part, just call this General Elder Scrolls Weaseling, is devoted to recording the history of creative weaseling on the part of out favourite bunch of game developers, the inimitable Bethesda Softworks. In their long history, they've developed, as a collective, a well-honed talent for explaining away their own past shortcomings and coming up with plausible explanations for their own flops. Some of these lines are widely known; some are being published for the first time.

The second part is a memorable sub-section we called Daggerfacts. Due to some peculiar circumstances, Daggerfall never became the game it was initially meant to be. Bluntly speaking, it was rushed to the market just to meet the deadline. Because of that, many features were incomplete or plainly omitted, and some interesting inconsistencies surfaced.

This Daggerfacts sub-section is devoted to random little Daggerfall-related facts many might not know. There used to be a site on the 'Net, it was called "The Secret Scrolls" which was devoted to listing these. That site is down since quite a while ago, and its webmaster - Bo Gotthardt-Petersen - must have changed his e-mail address. This section will somewhat duplicate his work. By the way, I (Qwerty) used to contribute to The Secret Scrolls. But it was a while back.

Some of the facts in here were actual gameplay experiences of mine (Qwerty) or of my fellow fans. Some were provided by the fine folks who are (or used to be) employed by Bethesda Softworks. Of these, the one who deserves the fattest credit is Ted Peterson (later referred to as "Tedders", because that's how he likes to be referred to as on the 'Net), lead designer of Daggerfall, whom Julian LeFay was a sidekick of.

The third part, called Morrowind Easter Eggs, is a large list of easter eggs from Morrowind which were mostly collected by Sinder Velvin, the exceptions being "The Mystery of N'Gasta..." and "Fishy Sticks”.

Necessary disclaimer:

information below might spoil some of your gaming fun by providing plot-related information that the player's char is supposed to discover as the game goes.