Divine Script

This script, which we’re unofficially calling the “Divine Script,” appears twice in TESV: Skyrim: first on the Eye of Magnus and then again in the Dragonborn expansion, where it is found on several items in, or associated with, Apocrypha. The text in the Black Books, Hermaeus Mora banners, and the Apocryphal Dragon Word Wall are all written in this language.

It’s unclear whether using the same script on both Apocrypha items and on the Eye of Magnus is meant to imply a connection, or whether the script was re-used due to convenience alone.

Character Map

The numbers assigned to each symbol are arbitrary are only there to assist with discussions about the symbols. They should not be taken as that symbol’s translation.

Symbols 9 and 15 have a slightly different variation of each symbol. The differences look like script error and could just be mistakes when printing the symbols.

Examples of Use

Eye of Magnus texture from TESV: Skyrim
Black book texture from TESV: Dragonborn
Apocrypha banner texture from TESV: Dragonborn
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