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Divine Script

Librarian Comment: 

The name “Divine Script” is not confirmed by any credible source. It is just a placeholder.

Character Map:


The numbers assigned to each symbol are arbitrary and are not supported by any lore. The numbers are only there to assist with discussions about the symbols and should not be taken as that symbol’s translation.

The script appears twice in TES V: Skyrim: First on the Eye of Magnus, during the Under Saarthal quest, as a part of the College of Winterhold questline; second in the Dragonborn add-on for Skyrim, where it is commonly found on several items in, or associated with, Apocrypha. The text in the Black Books, Hermaeus Mora banners, and the Apocryphal Dragon Word Wall, found during the Summit of Apocrypha quest, all contain the “Divine Script”.

The fact the symbols are used on both the Eye of Magnus and in the Black Books is especially odd. There are only two possibilities, either the game developers just reused the assets or they intentionally did it, both are equally possible.

Symbols 9 and 15 have a slightly different variation of each symbol. The differences look like script error and could just be mistakes when printing the symbols.

Examples of Use:



[The texture used in Black Books. This image was taken from the Skyrim game files.]

[The Texture files used on the Eye of Magnus. This image was taken from Skyrim's game files.]

[The Texture files used on the Apocrypha Banners found throughout various locations in the Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim. This image was taken from the Skyrim game files.]